Kia Tames The World

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Pet Battles And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

  • Planting The Seeds of an Addiction:  How and where to start Pet Battling and why it is the awesomest thing Blizzard has ever given us.
  • Building Your Unstoppable Army: Pets you shouldn’t leave home without and ones that need to stay firmly in their cages and why it matters.
  • Raising The Bar:  Why leveling pets can be a total drag and why you really need to do it anyway.  Here’s some balm for the pain and ways to make it better.
  • A Handy-Dandy List of Wild Pet Levels By Zone
  • Taking On All Comers, Part 1: Pet Tamers are out there in the world and they must be stopped.  Here’s how to do it.
  • Taking On All Comers, Part 2: There are even more Pet Tamers out beyond the embattled borders of the Alliance and Horde kingdoms.  Hunt them all down.
  • Taming the World: All the worst pets to find and where you won’t find them even if you camp their location for days and days and days.

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