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In Which Kia Mourns A Baby Dinosaur

It’s been awhile, so it’s only fair that I catch you up. Year 2013 was kind of a butt. No, it was a really big, smelly, unwiped butt full of butt things that pretty much started and ended with my … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Attempts A Dramatic Comeback

Kia’s Brain: *cough cough wheeze cough* Kia: … Kia’s Brain: *wheeze cough cough hack cough wheeze* Kia: Would you like a tissue? Or a throat lozenge? Kia’s Brain: *COUGH cough WHEEZE cough* Kia: Okay, I GET IT, it’s dusty in … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Is MIA

[Insert witty and entertaining blog post here.] Just a note to say that I am glad you are all still out there and that I promise I haven’t abandoned you all to the solitary pursuit of pets.  This stupid game … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Takes On All Comers

This is the fourth part of a five-part series on pet battling.  You can read the first three parts here, here and here.  BE FOREWARNED – this is a massive, massive wall of text. So you’ve found yourself some pets … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Saves The Rockpools

Kia: Oh my god.  It is nearly five in the morning.  And not in the good way.  Are you EVER going to shut up and let me go to bed? Kia’s Brain:  WHEEEEE!!!!  VODKA!!! Kia:  Please.  Bed.  Please.  It is … Continue reading

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