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In Which Kia Is Surprised

There is something to be said for a game that even after four or five years of playing it still manages to surprise you.  I rolled First Kia on Darkspeare the August before Wrath of the Lich King dropped, so … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Reconnoiters

So in light of this blue post regarding changes to PvP, <Stands in Bad> has started talking about the possibility of moving to another server. Currently we live on Azgalor, a medium-pop PvP server out in the middle of nowhere. … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Girds Her Loins

I will freely and without reservation confess to anyone standing within earshot of me loudly and at length one extremely pertinent fact: I hate PvP. I really hate it.  And I’m terrified of it.  I mean, really really terrified. There … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Shuns The Beta

I fully expected to be on the latter end of the beta wave invites.  I started playing right at the very tail end of BC, but my account went inactive for almost a year and a half because I was … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Ruins Her Reputation

Reputation grinds are strange beasts. On the one hand, I can understand why they’re there, from Blizz’s perspective anyway.  It gives a second leveling game, which can slow players down at end-game.  Slower players means slower end-game burnout, which means … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Explains The Sisterhood

I know lots of WoW folk who spend a great deal of time agonizing over what to name their toons.  I understand this mentality, I really do.  Names are important.  If they’re particularly bad (I’m looking at you xxxARthhuss_XX), you … Continue reading

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