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In Which Kia Is Busy

Yes, okay, yes yes yes.  I know.  I know, I got it, I know.  Pandas have been out for three whole weeks and I haven’t said a single word about them. Or about anything. Because I’ve been busy,  damnit.  Have you played pandas recently?  You … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Saves The Rockpools

Kia: Oh my god.  It is nearly five in the morning.  And not in the good way.  Are you EVER going to shut up and let me go to bed? Kia’s Brain:  WHEEEEE!!!!  VODKA!!! Kia:  Please.  Bed.  Please.  It is … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Makes A Fool Of Herself

So, this is the part where I go all fangirly for JUST A MINUTE, I promise. Kia’s Brain:  You?  No, I’d never have dreamed of such a thing. Kia: YOU HUSH.  I hide it well.  Most of the time. Kia’s Brain: … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Is Trolled

Kia’s Brain: I knew you making that priest was going to lead to bad, evil, horrible things. Kia: My mouse hand slipped, honest! How was I to notice that I had misclicked, and that the newest sister wasn’t a hunter? Kia’s Brain: Oh, … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Goes A-Dungeoning

So the almost-newest Sister (more on the newest-newest Sister later… much, much later) in the Sisterhood, Baby!Hunter, is rocking through Outland.  And by “rocking”, I mean “hasn’t actually done any Outland questing yet”.  Which is quite fine by me – … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Sprouts Another

So yeah, I rolled another hunter alt. Kiajaysi, a draenei lady hunter.  Called her that because she’s going to be a jewelcrafter.  In fact, her JC skill (hurr, c whut i did thar?) (y’know, JC… Jaysi?  Geddit?  ANYONE?) is already … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Has Company

Kia’s Brain has become something of a force to be reckoned with – just the right combination of devastatingly abrasive and OMGSQUEAL to be the equivalent of a 14 year old living in my head.  Fortunately, I am not alone. … Continue reading

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