I love WoW blogs!  I read lots and lots of them.  The lists here are by no means exhaustive.  They are not extensive.  They are not even tolerably long enough.  They are half-assed at best.  If you don’t see your blog on here and you want it to be, let me know and I’d love to add you.  Eventually.  When I get around to it.

Hunter Gurus!

CAVEAT:  I am NOT a hunter guru.  I play squillions (yes, squillions) of hunters and I love love love love them, but if you are looking for someone who will tell you how to hunter… I am not that person.  Go look at these people instead:

Frostheim and the Warcraft Hunters Union.  I’m a card-carrying member and uncommonly attractive to boot.  Start there.  He’s got some buddies that he does the Hunter Party Podcast with – Euripides from OutDPS! and Darkbrew from The Brew Hall.  Morynne at Marks365 is awesome if you’re looking for hunter-specific raiding tips and strategies, as is Quori who will tell you how to Survive WoW as a hunter.  For more in-depth huntery theorycraft, I like Loronar from 35 Yards Out.  Also, the adorable Lae is stalking me and I think it’s AMAZING.  There are more Gurus in my feedreader’s Hunter Guru folder, but that should get you started.

Also, if you can’t find a pet you like, are not using Zeherah’s amazing spreadsheet thing or not Asking Mr. Robot… go and be educated.

<Stands in Bad>

My guild is awesome!  It was founded by Ori and Amber from I Like Bubbles, and it rocks.  We have a blog from our GM Jen (GM Jen is extremely hard to say) and Krista.   We also have a Pix, who is writing up a very entertaining DnD campaign he’s DMing (WHICH I HAVE JUST BEEN INVITED TO JOIN!!) and a Kat of Many Falling Deaths and Es Who Likes To Lick People Indiscriminately. Then there’s Chris’s blog, even if all the guildies call him Fuzzbutt because of the preponderance of Chrisses in our guild.  Which is STILL confusing, because the rest of the internets know him as Achloryn.  Also, all of my guildies are altwhores, so even though there’s like seventeen thousand toons in our guild, there’s only like 30 people.  My life is HARD.   

Everybody Else!

Like I said… I read LOTS of blogs.  Here’s a few of them:

Vidalya, Big Bear Butt, Ratshag, Cynwise, Psynister, Lizzia, Fannon, RadesBravetank, Alas, FariElfi, Stubborn, Poneria, Bossy Pally, Spinks, Windsoar, and those amazing guys at KiaSA.

Also, I never miss The Daily Blink or Vid and Rades’ new comic.  Also, Amys and Mits are posting on The 4th Wall again, YAY!

Finally, even though MMO Melting Pot now runs Larisa’s Piggies, they deserve one (well, another one) themselves for keeping up with more blogs than I can imagine.  /Applause.


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