About Kia

I’m Kia.  A very very very small portion of the world knows me as Elizabeth, but no one ever calls me that. not even my mother, even if it IS how I answer the phone.

I play hunters in World of Warcraft, and this is how it started:

Once upon a time, a long long LONG time ago, my largish group of real-life (OMG, don’t get me started on that.  What, because you’ve met people through the internet means that the don’t exist?  What is up with THAT?) geek friends played this game called World of Warcraft and I didn’t.  I wasn’t, at the time, a real geek in the true sense of the word, even though I LOVED fantasy novels and Star Trek (TNG FTW) and lots of other geekery things.  I didn’t – I am ashamed to say it – I didn’t play games.  I was… a band geek.  Piccolos forever.

So one night, probably about four-ish years ago, I went out to dinner with about fifteen-ish of my best geek friends… every last one of whom was playing WoW and most of whom were raiding with the same guild.  I was the only one who WASN’T playing, and I had no damn clue what the hell they were going on about with their LFM and their DPS and their UBRS.  It was exactly as if someone had dropped me into a foreign country, and I didn’t speak the language.  Then my dear friend Krista kindly took pity on me, sat me down in front of her computer and showed me how to roll a toon in WoW.  That was the beginning of the end.

Kialesse of Azgalor Rexxar, the current Kia, is the sixth (seventh?  I can’t remember) iteration of Kialesse, and she sprang into being sometime in September 2011 after I got home from a year working in West Africa.  She is a Beast Master at heart and always will be, even if her current talent tree says otherwise.  Unless pinned to the wall, she always runs with her trusty kitty cat Jake, who was the first pet I ever ever ever tamed and will be with me to the bitter end.  She hangs out with the incredible people at <Stands in Bad> and is utterly amazed that they seem to still like her even though she does a lot of /licking.

There are many other layers, but that should be enough to get you started.

If you want to find me, you can do so on Twitter at @Kialesse or send me an email at sisterhoodofkia AT yahoo DOT com.  No, I will not babysit your children.  I MAY help you move if you feed me pizza afterwards.  I don’t do windows.


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