In Which Kia Attempts A Dramatic Comeback

Kia’s Brain: *cough cough wheeze cough*


Kia’s Brain: *wheeze cough cough hack cough wheeze*

Kia: Would you like a tissue? Or a throat lozenge?

Kia’s Brain: *COUGH cough WHEEZE cough*

Kia: Okay, I GET IT, it’s dusty in here. You are making a thinly-veiled reference to the fact that I haven’t blogged in…

Kia’s Brain: (OVER A YEAR)

Kia: …awhile. But I think I might want to try it again!

Kia’s Brain: This is a stupid idea. You’ll write four posts and disappear into the unknown again.

Kia: That is possible. BUT… I’ll have written four posts.

Kia’s Brain: That is surprisingly Zen of you. I didn’t know we did Zen.

Kia: It’s a new thing we’re trying.

Kia’s Brain: Zen might be good. I like Zen.

Kia: You are a neurotic, antagonistic worrywort that focuses on the negative and is borderline abusive.

Kia’s Brain: I am freaking awesome in my ability to keep you on your toes.

Kia: I can’t deny it.

Kia’s Brain: Have a picture of an owl to distract you.

Kia: OWLS!

caffeinated owl


HAI AGAIN, WORLD. I’m working on a new post that I’ll probably have up in a day or so talking about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing and also the joy and tragedy that is the Lashtail Hatchling. Until then, my friends.

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