In Which Kia Takes On All Comers

This is the fourth part of a five-part series on pet battling.  You can read the first three parts here, here and here.  BE FOREWARNED – this is a massive, massive wall of text.

So you’ve found yourself some pets and you’ve beefed them up a little.  Awesome!  Now what?

Sounds like it’s time to take on the pet bosses.

Scattered about the world are Master Pet Tamers, people with serious pets who want to challenge you to srs bzns pet battles.  You do not need to be afraid of these terrifying individuals!  I, Kia of the Sisterhood of Kia, am here to help you.

In the first post, I talked about the two trainers (Audrey Burnhep for Alliance and Varzok for Horde) who guide you though your first pet battles steps.  Once you have learned enough about pet battling to satisfy their not-terribly-stringent requirements, they will send you to your first Master Pet Tamer, Julia Stevens for Alliance and Dagra the Fierce for Horde.  Once you defeat them, they will then send you on to the next tamer, and so on and so on.  The last tamer in the quest series will then send you back to your trainer.

These first six Master Pet Tamers are a quest line specific to your faction, and are the first half of either Taming Eastern Kingdoms or Taming Kalimdor.  You currently cannot get credit for both of these achievements on the same character.  You will need a character of at least level 5 on the opposite faction to get the opposite faction quest line.  If you are not of the same faction, the first six Pet Tamers for the achievement are not interactive.  However, if you are stubborn and bullheaded like am, it is possible to get the victories on your main character as long as you have a level 5 of the opposite faction.  Everything pertaining to pet battles is account bound; in fact, once you train pet battling, you never have to train it again – as soon as your characters hit level 5 it becomes available.  Therefore, the quests are also account bound.  You can pick up the quest on your Horde toon, hop over to your Alliance toon and the Pet Tamer will now be available to battle.  If you do it this way, do not turn in the quest on your Alliance toon – go back to your Horde toon to turn it in.  Otherwise you won’t be able to get the follow-up.

Why yes, I DID run a level 5 Horde through Northern Barrens.  Why do you ask?

It doesn’t matter who gets the victory, though.  Only Alliance toons can get Eastern Kingdom credit and only Horde toons can get Kalimdor.  Fortunately, you only need one or the other for Taming Azeroth – the meta will show credit for the achievement for the opposite faction’s continent once you defeat the tamers that are available – but you will need both of them in order to finish Taming the World.  There will not be enough pet tamers unless you complete the quest line on both factions.

When battling Pet Tamers, keep in mind that their pets are going to generally be stronger than yours.  Do not expect to be able to solo a pet tamer – you will almost certainly need at least two very strong pets at level.  It’s worth it, though.  Defeating a Pet Tamer will give you 3.5x the experience of a normal wild pet, plus finishing one of the Pet Tamer quests will reward you with a Sack of Pet Supplies, which if you are lucky, will contain a few of the very valuable (and soulbound) Battle Pet Bandages, which work the same as pushing the Beautiful Magic Button.  Only without having to push the Beautiful Magic Button.  Alternatively, you could get junk.  Such is life.

Team composition is a bigger deal when battling pet tamers than when battling wild pets.  While you can usually overpower stuff in the wild, pet tamers’ pets are going to be strong enough that you really do want to try to tailor your team to maximize strengths.  The tamers have all three pets out when you fly up to them, so you will be able to see what you’ll be up against before you go into battle.  I would start out with a Mechanical, a Beast, and either a Flying or Aquatic pet.  For the purposes of walking you through the Tamers, I am going to operate under the assumption that you are downing Pet Tamers as you go, rather than going back and zerging them once you hit max levels.  I’ll only offer suggestions of pets that you can tame at or below the level of the tamer or are available through drops or vendors.

Taming Eastern Kingdoms

  • Julia Stevens: Maclure Vinyards, Elwynn Forest.  Battles with Fangs and Slither, both level 2 Beasts.  My preferred mechanical is my Mechanical Squirrel – his Wind-up ability is a monster.  The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and Clockwork Gnome are also excellent choices.
  • Old MacDonald: Just across the Elwynn Forest-Westfall bridge, Westfall.  Battles with Teensy, level 3 Critter; Foe Reaper 800, level 3 Mechanical, and Clucks, level 3 Flying.  A great Beast to have as part of your Pet Tamer Battle team is the Panther Cub.  Devour is possibly the greatest ability ever.  If you have a Mana Wyrmling from Netherstorm or a Shimmering Wyrmling from the Argent Tournament, they are good matches for Old MacDonald’s chicken.  If you don’t have any Magic pets yet (you may not), it still shouldn’t be a problem – at level 3, you should still be able to outlast with your Mechanicals and Beasts.
  • Lindsay: Camp Everstill, Redridge Mountains.  Battles with Flipsy, Dipsy and Flufftail – all level 5 Critters.  Your Beasts will rip the little girl’s rabbits apart and then you will feel guilty as all hell.  You have been warned.
  • Eric Davidson: Raven Hill Cemetery, Duskwood.  Battles with Darkwidow, Webwinder, and Blackfang, all level 7 Spiders (Beasts).  In addition to a couple Mechanicals, I would bring a strong healer to this battle, like a Crab, a Fawn, or a Frog.  Your Mechanicals will be able to knock down the spiders, but they do have some nasty stuff that might take you out before you claim victory.  Blackfang in particular will web you, then do an attack that does double damage if you are rooted.  If you’re down to your last pet, make it one that can heal itself.
  • Steven Lisbane: east of Grom’gol Base Camp, Northern Stranglethorn.  Battles with Moonstalker and Nanners, level 9 Beasts, and Emeralda, level 9 Magic.  If you have a Dragonkin that you are leveling, you definitely want to use it.  I tried taking on Steven with my Panther Cub, Mechanical Squirrel, and a Crab, and Emeralda decimated me.  Be careful to use one that uses Dragonkin abilities, though – lots of Dragons actually use Magic abilities, which won’t help you as much.  Onyxia Whelpling, if you have one, is a good bet.
  • Bill Buckler: eastern coastline near Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn.  Battles with Eyegouger and Young Beaky, level 11 Flying, and Burgle, a level 11 Humanoid.  This will probably be your first real test, because by the numbers, your best choices are two Magic pets and an Undead.  Magic pets can be very hard to come by and Undead are a pain in the ass to level.  If you have a Ghostly Skull from the vendor in Dalaran, it’s a great choice for Burgle because it will heal and do damage simultaneously.  If you don’t have any Magic pets, Mechanicals are a reasonable option here, because of their family passive that brings them back to 25% health.
  • After you defeat Bill Buckler, he will send you back to Audrey to pick up a quest to defeat the second half of the Eastern Kingdoms tamers, which you can do in any order.  Horde characters will also receive a quest to defeat these pet tamers, once they have completed the introductory tamer quest line.
  • David Kosse: Just north of Jintha’Athor in the Hinterlands.  Battles with Corpsefeeder, level 13 Beast; Plop, level 13 Magic; and Subject 142, level 13 Critter.
  • Deiza Plaguehorn: Across the lake from Light’s Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands.  Battles with Bleakspinner and Carrion, level 14 Beasts, and Plaguebringer, a level 14 Undead.  Undead are vulnerable to Critters, but I would avoid using mice and rats with abilities like Stampede, a three-round ability.  It doesn’t do enough damage to make it worth spending three turns on.  Stick with rabbits like the Elfin Rabbit or the Mountain Cottontail – Burrow does some pretty awesome damage in that situation.
  • Kortas Darkhammer: Thorium Point, Searing Gorge.  Battles with Garnestrasz, Obsidion, and Veridia, all level 15 Dragonkin.  These guys are nasty.  Like lots of dragons, their abilities aren’t all Dragonkin abilities – they have Magic, Elemental and Humanoid ones, too, and Veridia is from the Green Dragonflight, so she goes into the Emerald Dream and heals herself.  The worst part about Dragonkin is that they are vulnerable to Humanoids – and you won’t find a Humanoid pet you can tame until you get to Outland.  My recommendation would be to go with a team of Snakes.  Snakes have the Humanoid ability Counterstrike as their level 15 ability.  Combine it with Burrow, which will do a lot of damage and some avoidance, and you should be able to muddle through.
  • Durin Darkhammer: south of Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes.  Battles with Comet, level 17 Flying; Ignious, level 17 Critter; and Moltar, level 17 Elemental.  Moltar is the kicker; he will use Magma Wave, which will hit all your pets as well as destroy any objects they create.  Ignious is a Critter, but he will use Elemental abilities, so avoid using Mechanicals for this fight.  Find 2 Aquatics with strong heals and if you haven’t got any Magic pets for Comet, a Beast like the Darkshore Cub.  The three-round Hibernate will keep you alive and fighting.
  • Everessa: North of Sunken Temple, Swamp of Sorrows.  Battles with Anklor, level 16 Beast; Croaker, level 16 Aquatic; and Dampwing, level 16 Flying.  You will definitely want a Flying pet for Croaker to out-DPS his turn-you-into-a-frog ability.  I would go with one that can do Lift-Off, like Polly.
  • Lydia Accoste: outside Karazhan in Deadwind Pass.  Battles with Bishibosh and Nightstalker, level 19 Undead, and Jack, level 19 Elemental.  Lydia is a challenge.  I was still trying to use my Beasts and Mechanicals, and she slapped me down most derisively.  Jack especially is a pain; he does major healing.  Try using a Fawn and switching it in on a regular basis to pop Tranquility. Pair it with a couple of Aquatics – maybe a Frog and a Strand Crab.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully Tamed Eastern Kingdoms!  Before Audrey will let you go on to Outland Tamers, though, you will need to finish…

Taming Kalimdor

  • Zunta: east of Thunder Ridge, Durotar.  Battles with Mumtar, level 2 Critter, and Spike, level 2 Beast.  Start with a Beast, a Mechanical, and a Flying pet.  The first one is always a cakewalk.
  • Dagra the Fierce: on top of the mountain east of the Crossroads, Northern Barrens.  Battles with Longneck and Ripper, level 3 Beasts, and Springtail, level 3 Critter.  Still no problems yet.
  • Analynn: east of Zoram’gar Outpost, Ashenvale.  Battles with Flutterby, level 5 Flying; Mister Pinch, level 5 Aquatic, and Oozer, level 5 Critter.  Mister Pinch is a crab, so with shield and heal himself.  If you were lucky with your Oracle eggs and got a Tickbird Hatchling, Cyclone is a great ability since it can hit your opponent’s back row pets as well.  Oozer the snail is considered a Critter, but he has Undead abilities, ironically enough.  A Cheetah Cub or Snow Cub’s Rake ability is a good counter to Oozer’s Acidic Goo.
  • Zonya the Sadist: southwest of Krom’Gar Fortress, Stonetalon Mountains.  Battles with Acidous and Constrictor, level 7 Beasts, and Odoron, level 7 Critter.  Skunks like Odoron have this extremely annoying ability called Stench which reduces your accuracy by 25% for 4 rounds, and they use it mercilessly.  Expect to see lots of misses when you’re battling Odoron.  Take them all out with Mechanicals.
  • Merda Stronghoof: Cenarion Wilderness, Desolace.  Battles with Ambershell, level 9 Elemental; Bounder, level 9 Aquatic; and Rockhide, level 9 Critter.  You can use Aquatics here to take advantage of Bounder’s Cleansing Rain, especially if Bounder goes first.  He doesn’t heal, so if you bring a Frog, you should be able to out-damage him.  Rockhide will use Powerball and increase his speed. Use a Beast like a Spiny Lizard with Screech to slow him down.
  • Cassandra Kaboom: south of Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens.  Battles with Cluckatron, Gizmo, and Whirls, all level 11 Mechanicals.  Whirls is the worst of the lot with the repairs, so stack Elementals.  The Spirit of Summer from the Midsummer Fire Festival is great for massive amounts of damage when you combine Immolate and Conflagrate.
  • After you defeat Cassandra Kaboom, she will send you back to Varzok to pick up a quest to defeat the second half of the Kalimdor tamers, which you can do in any order.  Alliance characters will also receive a quest to defeat these pet tamers, once they have completed the introductory tamer quest line.
  • Traitor Gluk: south of the Dire Maul entrance, Feralas.  Battles with Glimmer, level 13 Dragonkin; Prancer, level 13 Critter; and Rasp, level 13 Beast. Even though Glimmer is a Dragonkin, she LOOKS like a Nether Faerie Dragon and does Magic abilities.  You could use another Dragonkin against her, but beware of Rasp, who has Counterstrike.
  • Grazzle the Great: on the docks in Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh.  Battles with Blaze, Firetooth, and Flameclaw, all level 14 Dragonkin.  Hold off on this guy until you have level 15 Snakes with Counterstrike.  Grazzle is the Horde version of Kortas Darkhammer, only a level earlier.  If you have an Aquatic pet with Cleansing Rain or an Elemental with Sunny Day, take it along with your Snakes to overwrite Blaze’s Scorched Earth, which will stack with the dragons’ Burn abilities to cause double damage.
  • Kela Grimtotem: North of Darkcloud Pinnacle, Thousand Needles.  Battles with Indigon and Plague, level 15 Critters, and Cho’guana, level 15 Beast.  She is easy enough to take down with two strong Beasts, especially ones that use Devour, and a Mechanical.
  • Zoltan: Jaedenar, Felwood.  Battles with Beamer and Ultramus, level 16 Magic, and Hatewalker, level 16 Mechanical.  Beamer has an ability called Interrupting Gaze, which will interrupt multi-turn abilities.  Take Mechanicals that only use single-turn abilities, especially ones like Tiny Harvester, since it can also help to mitigate Beamer’s speed-reducing Eyeblast.
  • Elena Flutterfly: Across the lake from Nighthaven, Moonglade.  Battles with Beacon, level 17 Magic; Lacewing, level 17 Flying; and Willow, level 17 Dragonkin.  I recommend stacking Mechanicals for this fight.  Willow is a Dragonkin, but she also uses some Beast abilities, which are poor against Mechanicals.  Beacon uses Illuminate to make it a sunny day, which will boost the healing done.  A Mechanical with a strong Repair like a Mechanical Chicken will do well.
  • Stone Cold Trixxy: In the mountains above Owl Thicket, Winterspring.  Battles with Blizzy, level 19 Flying; Frostmaw, level 19 Beast; and Tinygos, level 19 Dragonkin.  Just like her opposite number Lydia Accoste, Trixxy’s pets smack you around.  Frostmaw will use Prowl to increase his next attack by 150% and Blizzy will use Predatory Strike, which will instantly kill anything under 25% health.  They do A LOT of damage.  I suggest trying to wear the team down with a Strand Crab using both Shell Shield and and Renewing Mists on cooldown.  Substitute in a Mechanical that has Wind-up or use a Celestial Dragon with Ancient Blessing to try to stay alive.  Trixxy isn’t easy even when your pets outlevel hers.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully tamed Kalimdor!

There, you’ve done it!  With both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor tamed, Aubrey and Varzok will be looking for new challenges for you.  Oh, guess what?  These were the easy guys.  Next up: the Master Pet Tamers in Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaria!

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4 Responses to In Which Kia Takes On All Comers

  1. Ratshag says:

    Yes, Morbinex the mech squirrel and Francois the banana-throwing monkey went all Fatal Attraction on Lindsay’s fwuffy widdle bunnies. And yes, I felt like Elmer Fudd at the end of “What’s Opera, Doc?” for doing it.

  2. Kallixta says:

    My daughter used naughty words to assuage her guilt. Her brother laughed.

    Without doing a lot of analysis before hand, I just decided to level up a all-family team at first, to ensure I’d have something to match the tamer’s teams. Only later (after “No Favorites”) did I start to concentrate on a narrower team. I found six pets that provided good breadth and could run them in alternating 3 pet teams. This allowed me to better fill the cooldown time of the Heal Button.

  3. Dangfool says:

    I think we need a reminder that we can revisit these Pet Tamers. It’s an excellent method for leveling up a new pet team member. Well, provided you have a quick method for getting to them. They aren’t always located in the most convenient of places!

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