In Which Kia Gets A Wonderful, Awful Idea

The other night, I got this Idea.

A wonderful, awful idea.









Kia’s Brain: You need to do a series on Pet Battles.

Kia:  That is a TERRIBLE idea.  Why would anyone want to read actual information on this blog?  They come here to see us argue and to laugh at me when I do stupid things.

Kia’s Brain: Hell no, it isn’t.  It’s all you’ve talked about for WEEKS.  You need to do a good deed and share this with the world.  They need your wisdom.

Kia: …

Kia: You’re kind of evil, you know?

Kia’s Brain: Just shut up and do it.

So, feeling simultaneously that the Grinch was an excellent analogy for Kia’s Brain and also that it wasn’t worth arguing with the Grinch, I started making Notes.

Achloryn found this highly amusing.

Achloryn:  So… why are you taking notes on actual paper rather than just using Google Docs or something?

Kia: There’s a certain appeal, a certain… je ne sais quoi… about writing with an actual pen on actual paper.

Achloryn: …no, there really isn’t.  Plus, your handwriting is atrocious.  You can’t even read them.

Kia: Well, I was also drunk at the time.

Achloryn: Fair enough.

So.  I am embarking on a journey that this blog has never taken before and almost certainly will never take again and am going to do an actual, honest-to-God series on pet battles.  Five parts, starting tomorrow (cause, y’know, I haven’t actually written any of this yet) and going up every day thereafter until I’m done.

It’s going to be Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Pet Battling And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask.

Alternately called Kia Tames The World.

And there will be (in fact, is) a new page on the blog with the links to all the parts, specifically for those people who so admire and laud my Great Work that they feel they need a special shrine, a holy place where they can come and peruse at length and make appropriate, complimentary remarks.

So say we all.


Why yes, this is a thinly-veiled excuse to not work on my Nano.  Why do you ask?
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1 Response to In Which Kia Gets A Wonderful, Awful Idea

  1. Dangfool says:

    There are questions that SHOULD be too embarassing to ask, but…

    So, What is the best color ink to use when making notes on paper? I’ve found that I shouldn’t use my daughter’s fluffy feather pen and pink ink. The ink smears.

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