In Which Kia Extemporizes

So I’ve been working my tail off this week to get myself raid-ready for when SiB jumps into Mogu’shan Vaults a week from Wednesday.  I did LFR with some lovely people from Twitter on Tuesday and… it wasn’t pretty.  It was, in fact, a rather sharp slap across the face that I HAVE BEEN A SLACKER, YO.

I promised myself that I would not fail the BM spec that I love love love and would not just willfully abandon it just because I was only doing 24k and was 15th or 16th on a PUG LFR that I had never seen before.  I was just a wee bit miserable after coming out the other side of the group, sure that I wasn’t worthy of my raid spot, sure that I was beyond hope, wondering if I maybe was just a bad BM hunter after all.

I vowed that I would give myself a week to up my dps at least 10k and give it another shot.

So since then, I have put myself in high gear and I am fixing it.  Got myself some sweet shoulders, a new hat… I even took the plunge and did something naughty – I got a cape that has the word “Dreadful” in it.

Kia’s Brain: I still can’t believe you bought an honor cape.  IT HAS PVP STATS ON IT.

Kia: Yes. Yes, it does.

Kia’s Brain: I can’t believe you even had enough honor to buy it in the first place.

Kia: I never bothered to spend it after that horrible holiday achievement that we managed to TOTALLY PWN thanks to Cynwise.

Kia’s Brain:  …that achievement was in May.  Tell me you haven’t been honor capped for six months.  TELL ME IT ISN’T TRUE.

Kia: >.>

Kia’s Brain: -_-

Kia: What the hell was I going to spend honor points on, for crying out loud?!

Kia’s Brain: Let’s just move on, kthx.

I took all my shiny new pretties and put shiny gems in them and sparkly enchants on them and stood in front of the reforger pulling my hair out until I got enough expertise to be able to hit things with some semblance of success.

Then I threw myself into heroics with two goals in mind:  1) blow Blood DK tanks off the top of the DPS charts (DAMN YOU CHRIS AND YOUR BROKEN BROKEN SELF), and 2) Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm.

I recruited my close personal friends The Animals to help fully convey my feelings about this bow.

There is a Gate in Townlong Steppes
That they call the Setting Sun
And it has a bow with some really sweet sweet stats
And Elune, I want me one.

My GM is enchanting and shines up my gear
Gives me crits and agi to put on
But she can’t make a bow like the one Raigonn’s got
In the Gate of the Setting Sun.

My man works the ore into swords and plowshares
That can chew a mantid into gum
But none of those things can match that sweet bow
Please Raigonn, just give me one.

Even I have some skills to make epic things
Out of skins and leather and thread
But I can’t kill the mobs to get all that stuff
With no bow after Raigonn’s dead.

I spend some time as often as I can
In the Gate of the Setting Sun
And I kill that damn mantid every day
And still no bow has been won.

So I’ve clicked the button and now I wait
In the queue to murder Raigonn
And here I’ll stay until I get that bow
From the Gate of the Setting Sun.

There is a Gate in Townlong Steppes
That they call the Setting Sun
And it has a bow with some really sweet stats
Please Elune, just give me one.

Kia’s Brain: I think that sums things up nicely.  BACK TO THE QUEUE WITH YOU.

Kia:  /salute


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2 Responses to In Which Kia Extemporizes

  1. Navimie says:

    Wooo! You go girl. I have no idea what DKs are doing since I’m not raiding with one, but I can tell you now that Paladins make me cry. Topping DPS AND heals whilst tanking??? That is dreadfully OP.

    There is nothing wrong with honour stuff…. I’m wearing 2 pieces of honour stuff in my raid set… >.>

  2. Laeleiweyn says:

    Aaaah, I love the lyrics (and the song), giving me chills. 🙂

    I too had a nasty meeting with my own DPS-meter in the start, but luckily it improved with practice and gear.

    I got my Klatith (why oh wy am I thinking ClawTit?) on sixth try, but I’m still going to that place every day, as my friend Sim wants one as well (of course). At least the fights are kind of fun, and the whole thing only takes 15 minutes with friends.

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