In Which Kia Is Busy

Yes, okay, yes yes yes.  I know.  I know, I got it, I know.  Pandas have been out for three whole weeks and I haven’t said a single word about them.

Or about anything.

Because I’ve been busy damnit.  Have you played pandas recently?  You didn’t happen to notice the massive amounts of stuff that all must be done?


What kind of box in the darkest corner of Stratholme are you living under?

Kia’s Brain: Hey, hey, hey, whoa there.  What’s all the umbrage about?  Some of those Stratholme boxes are nice.  You get stuff out of them.

Kia: Only if you kill a bunch of undead mailmen first!

Kia’s Brain: You’re in Stratholme.  If you didn’t want to kill undead, what on earth are you doing there?

Kia: …you have a point.

Kia’s Brain: So enough with the defensive attitude and more about the pandas.

Kia: Right.

Kia: >.>

Kia: Erm, sorry about that.

Kia’s Brain: Move it along, sister.  Move it along.

Kia: Right.

So pandas.

Best. Expansion. Ever.

First of all, Pandaland is breathtakingly gorgeous, even on my little laptop with the graphics all set on low.  I mean, lookit.

And this one, too:

I mean, how awesome is it to just fly around Pandaria on the back of a giant jade dragon?  Geez, people.

But you can see much better pictures from people who have much better computers.  Or you know, just play the game.  No, there is much more to the Sisterhood story than mere pictures can tell.  After all, there are two extremely significant things that have, I swear, eaten up my entire life.

The first one is cooking >.>

In the real world, I am a terrible cook.  I don’t enjoy it and am not very good at it, and there are food issues.  However, in Pandaland…

See that adorable little guy?  That’s Nomi, my cooking apprentice.  The one you can get after you max out all six cooking ways and then fork over fifty Ironpaw Tokens to Nam Ironpaw.

I may or may not have finished all six Ways before the end of the first week of Mists.

Kia’s Brain:  Here’s a hint: the answer is… may.

I’ve started leveling up my adorable apprentice.  Somebody has actually asked ME to teach someone ELSE how to cook.  So far, all he’s asked for is peaches, and he’ll apparently continue to do so for another week, but he’s so cute and helpless that I couldn’t have said no even if he had asked for a stack of Mad Brewer’s Breakfast.  I love that little guy!

I will admit though… it was insane amounts of grinding.  Basically, I was finishing about one Way per day (I had all of them open at the same time) by fishing up enough Bundles of Groceries to turn in tokens for all of the veggies plus the token item for the feasts.  It ended up being 20 to 25 Ironpaw Tokens to max out each Way, depending on how much stuff I could get while out doing dailies and so forth.  It helped that I leveled by doing Loremaster of Pandaria – I finished each zone before moving on to the next.  While it did slow down my climb to 90, it didn’t slow it down that much, and by the time I got to Halfhill, I had enough stuff to be able to open all six Ways at the same time.  Then it’s just mix and matching until you get enough stuff to level it all up.



Kia’s Brain: Let’s be honest with the people and tell them the real reason that you haven’t been blogging for the last week or so.

Kia: >.>

Kia: I don’t wanna.  It’s too embarrassing.

Kia’s Brain: You brought it on yourself, with all your I’m a hunter; I have REAL combat pets nonsense.  You should have seen it coming.

Kia:  I didn’t!  I didn’t know!

Kia’s Brain: Tell the nice people about your fail.

Kia: It’s not a fail!  It’s a perfectly legitimate way of playing!  Lots of people are doing it!

Kia’s Brain: Have you been doing your dailies like a good raider should?

Kia: Well… no.  Not all the time.

Kia’s Brain: What about running dungeons and LFR to gear up?  Hmmm?

Kia:  I did a couple!  And hey!  I went and killed the Sha of Anger with some lovely folks from Twitter and he gave me awesome pants!

Kia’s Brain: And have you put a gem or leg armor which you can make yourself with your maxed out leatherworking on those pants yet?

Kia: I… I… I don’t think so.

Kia’s Brain: /disdainful eyebrow raise

Kia:  Okay!  Fine!  I’ll do it!

I’ve not been blogging because I’ve been obsessively Pet Battling.

There!  I said it!

Before Mists landed on our shores, I was not much of a pet collector.  I had about… 80, maybe.  I think.  Something like that.

Now I have 185.  And a really good start on the World Safari meta achievement.

Two of them, the Mechanical Squirrel I named after Quin and the Panther Cub I named after Laeleiweyn, are level 25.

I rather think “Zookeeper Kialesse” has a nice ring to it, don’t you?

So to all the people that I mocked about Pokewow and how I am a leet hunter and don’t need no combat pets… I grovel most sincerely.  I did not know.  I could not have foreseen the epic awesomeness that is watching a tiny mechanical squirrel totally pwn a snake.  I mean, who even thinks this stuff up?!


Kia: There.  Are you happy now?

Kia’s Brain: I will be happier when you put a gem in those damn pants.

Kia: Oh whatever.

Kia’s Brain: And maybe do just a little bit of raiding prep.  Like even just figuring out what the first raid is freaking called, for crying out loud.

Kia: I still have 2 weeks before SiB starts raiding!  I’ll get there!  I promise!

Kia’s Brain: Kat and Dhevon are going to burn your ass so hard, you know.

Kia: Not just them, but pretty much every other dps with a pulse.  I have come to terms with it.  I shall be the bottom, and I shall uphold the bottom with lovely rare pets like the Fledgling Nether Ray I found in Netherstorm the other day.

Kia’s Brain:

Kia’s Brain:  Well.  It’s a plan, at least.

Kia: So we’re done here then?  Good.  I have pets to tame.

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7 Responses to In Which Kia Is Busy

  1. asherrylie says:


  2. I was wondering when this post was coming. I don’t usually say “I told you so,” but in this case, I’m gonna, because you were SO DAMN SURE that you’d hate pet battles that you told me to do some not-so-nice things with my Rocket Chicken.

    I told you so. 😛

  3. Esmerellda says:

    It took you long enough, Kia!

  4. rachelpelton says:

    I am a level 25 mechanical squirrel. This. This make me HAPPY.

  5. Navimie says:

    AT LAST! A post in which Kia gives us an update! I have been wondering about what you’ve been doing 🙂

    Pet battling is not an excuse for not blogging, woman. I pet battled until my eyes fell out, to the detriment of my levelling and dailies and rep grinding until I had maxed my 3 pets to 25 and conquered all pet master tamers and hit the 400 pets and then I finally started to work faster towards 90. But I am paying the price for that now since my rep is low, everyone else is exalted and my gear is crap and I’m raiding 2 weeks behind the other group – not that it’s a big issue because I am raiding in the second group which is fine with me!

    And the burning question… did I get a pet named after me? I am hoping it’s a nutty squirrel /grin.

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