In Which Kia Nurses A Hangover

Kia’s Brain, moaning:  WHY did you make us drink all that vodka and cranberry juice?

Kia: It felt like a good idea at the time.

Kia’s Brain: Do you think that’s what Garrosh thought when he dropped that bomb on Theramore?

Kia: Almost certainly.  Why else would he do it?

Kia’s Brain: I realize that we’ve never read ANY of the WoW books and have no idea about the lore in general, but could it possibly be because he just hates the Alliance that damn much?

Kia: >.>

Kia: They didn’t give any other explanation – or any explanation at ALL, really – in that scenario, so I suppose it’s as good of a reason as any.  It felt like a good idea at the time.  That is what we are going with.

Kia’s Brain: I can get behind this idea.

Kia: Do you think he is nursing a hangover now too?

Kia’s Brain: Can you even get a hangover from a mana bomb?

Kia: Blood elves.

Kia’s Brain: You have a point.  Still, I would think it would just blow everything the hell up.  Like it did for most of Theramore.

Kia: I wonder where Jaina was when the blowing-up part occurred.  Do you think that book tells you?  Or who the hell those people were?  I’ve never run into that faction before.  Or why they used a mana bomb instead of regular old goblin explosives?  Or why nobody saw this coming or tried to stop it?  Or any exposition whatsoever?

Kia’s Brain: I imagine if you were to read it, you would find out all these things in dramatic fashion.


Kia’s Brain: …about reading a book?  You already spend way too much time doing that anyway; what difference does another one make?

Kia: Because… because it does.  Even if the book is there, shouldn’t there be something in the game as well?  I am running into a serious wall of I don’t get it here.

Kia’s Brain:  But if there was something in the game to explain the scenario, then you wouldn’t buy the book.

Kia: … that is true.

Kia’s Brain: So logically, Blizzard has to leave everyone scratching their collective head going “wtf?!” so that the book will sell more copies.

Kia: …this gives me a sad 😦

Kia’s Brain: It is a cruel and heartless world.

Kia:  /wipes tear

Kia’s Brain:  Hey, look!  Your shaman is in Northrend!

Kia:  /forgets about the Theramore scenario entirely and trots off to Howling Fjord, where at least there are penguins, for cripes’ sake.

Kia’s Brain: It was a really stupid-looking hat anyway.

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1 Response to In Which Kia Nurses A Hangover

  1. soltaris says:

    I said it before, and I will say it again…you and your brain make a hilarious duo. XD

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