In Which Kia Cogitates On Pandas

Guess what I did yesterday?


Yes.  That is a level 85 ding!  For… a hunter >.>

Kiachante is now my third max-level hunter on Rexxar, stepping smartly up to the plate just behind her sister Kiajaysi.  I thought having an enchanter would be a very good thing, and so I picked up tailoring to go with it.

Nobody told me just how much Northrend tailoring SUCKS SO HARD.  Sweet mercy, the amount of frostweave you need is insane.  Just… insane.  I’m still at 413 on my tailoring, which means I’ve got 12 skill points left to get.  I looked it up.  To get said skill points, I’m going to need something like 120 STACKS of frostweave.  STACKS, people.  120 of them.  That’s ten stacks per point.  That’s a nightmare.

To aid in this endeavor, I made her a set of the blue ilvl 377 Vicious Dragonscale pvp set, to make it a little easier to go solo Northrend dungeons, which means that little Kiachante now has more resilience than all of her sisters across all the servers I live on combined.

Maybe I should take her into BGs and start PvPing.

***This blog post has been interrupted by the author choking to death on her own sardonic  laughter.  We will resume momentarily.***

Kia, hoarse, eyes streaming, nose red:  Where was I?

Kia’s Brain: God only knows.  So, were you ever gonna talk about pandas in this post where you’re thinking about pandas?

Kia:  Oh yeah.  Pandas.

***We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging.***

So, I take a lot of humorous flak about having lots of hunters, but I roll with it because it distracts people from the truth that I cannot find instance doors to save my soul.

(No, it doesn’t.)

But part of the reason that I do have lots of hunters, other than the obvious extreme awesomeness that is embodied every time I hit my BIGANDRED button, is because I have firmly decided that I am finally going to go after the personal achievement I’ve been trying to get ever since I started playing WoW ages ago – to have a max level of every profession at the same time.  And in Mists, there’s even an achievement for it!  So it’s always seemed logical to me that when I wanted to level a new profession, I do it on a hunter.  I don’t want to try a new class; I just want the profession slots.  I want to bang it out to 85 as quickly as possible, and knowing exactly what to do to kill Evil Nasties as quickly as possible is comforting and fast.

So am I going to roll a hunter panda?

Yeah, almost certainly.

Kia’s Brain:  That’s it?  That’s all the panda you got?  This is the end?

Kia: What more did you want?

Kia’s Brain: Well, come on!  Throw people a bone!  Talk about what you’re looking forward to in the expansion – the lore, the quests, the panda models… something!  Anything!  Mists comes out in nineteen days!

Kia: Alright, you have a point.

Kia: /ponder

So the new Mists cooking stuff looks cool!  And I hear that you can have your own farm and grow stuff that you can cook!  And now there’s a fishing rep to grind too!  And… yeah!  Mists!  Pandas!  Yeah!

Kia’s Brain: You are absolutely hopeless.

Kia’s Brain:  /throws up hands in despair

Kia:  You don’t have any hands.

Kia’s Brain:  Thank heavens for that.

So yeah.  Pandas!


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5 Responses to In Which Kia Cogitates On Pandas

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    I just leveled tailoring on an alt, and it really was awful! I had a farm spot left of the Argent tournament (where you kill mobs for keys for one of the quests). Don’t know if it’s better than dungeons though.

    Grats on your new 85. 🙂

  2. Askevar says:

    I leveled tailoring on my hunter and it was still nasty back in Wrath… Basically my entire alt army and hubby’s had to feed her their cloth.

    Gratz on the new 85!

  3. Kotakh says:

    I think my hunter have 4-5 stack of Frostweave…i’ll check tonight and send you whatever i have.

    Also, i completely forgot to take all the leather you sent me out of my mail box way back when so if it goes back to you…could you please send it back to me 🙂


  4. Navimie says:

    Grats you hunter nut!

  5. Sizzlelegs says:

    I’ve got three tailors in northrend range, it does suck. I’ve found farming the icecrown packs of undead are pretty decent for this once you can drop the pack with one shot.

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