In Which Kia Makes A Fool Of Herself

So, this is the part where I go all fangirly for JUST A MINUTE, I promise.

Kia’s Brain:  You?  No, I’d never have dreamed of such a thing.

Kia: YOU HUSH.  I hide it well.  Most of the time.

Kia’s Brain: Okay, I will give you that one.

Since I met Chris and he started introducing me around the internets, there’s been this bizarre thing that people whose blogs I read everyday, people who are Internet Famous and shouldn’t be bothered, talk to me.  They’ll say something and I might respond to it… and then they answer me.  Like, a conversation.  It makes my head go all explodey when it happens, even after a bloody year.  A year, and I can’t get used to it.

Kia’s Brain:  You realize you are making us look like idiots right now.  You know this, right?

Kia: LOOKIT LOOKIT LOOKIT!  Cynwise favorited my tweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Kia’s Brain, wincing:  That was… loud.

Kia: Sorry.

Kia’s Brain:  You do remember that you play D&D with Rades, right?  And that he is an extremely nice normal talky person, right?

Kia: …yes.  Even with the terrible, terrible puns.

I think it’s no bad thing to have people in our WoW community that we look up to and admire.  Maybe having people who stand out as strong voices is a good thing?  I think it is.

So it was with no small amount of SQUEEING…

Kia’s Brain: …in fact, it was an amazing amount of squeeing…

…that I found out today that PIKE IS BACK.

Now, back about four years ago when I was just a little baby hunter and didn’t have a clue (I still don’t have a clue), I was playing WoW with a couple who were leading a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Darkspear and let me in the guild on a friends and family rank that they invented just for me.  They were blogging back in the day and started telling me about about the blogs that they read, and my curiosity was piqued.  It didn’t take much of a Google search to stumble across some WoW blogs and those led me to other WoW blogs and before I knew it I had a bunch of blogs I was reading and this list of bookmarks on my browser that I’d check everyday.

(Yeah, it was a while before I learned about such things as feed readers.  A long while.  A really, really long while.)

I vaguely knew about the existence of the WHU at the time, but they were (and still are) Big and Scary Hunters.  I was a Little and Timid Hunter, and I hadn’t been playing WoW very long, but I knew that I wasn’t very good at it just yet.  So when I needed help with my huntering (which is still all the time), I went to one of two people:

BigRedKitty, who lives and breathes the UNABATED JOY that is playing a Beast Mastery hunter, and Pike, whose Hunter Kindergarten actually taught me how to play a hunter.  These days I’m a little more badass than I was (HELL YES BM IS BACK, BABY), but I’m still in awe of the gurus like Pike who got me where I am now.

And now she’s back!  \o/

Kia’s Brain:  Are you done yet?  Cause poor Pike might be feeling just a bit awkward about all this stalkerish behavior, you know?

Kia: I’m mostly done.

Kia’s Brain:  Are you sure?  Cause you’re still kind of all explodey in here and it’s giving me a headache.

Kia: Yes.  Done.  Do you think she would be creeped out if I offered her honorary Sisterhood status?

Kia’s Brain:  Yes.  Anyone would be.  You will do no such thing.

Kia: Fine, fine.  You’re right.  When you’re right, you’re right.

Kia’s Brain: I’m right.  Now, done?


Kia:  Now I’m really done.

Kia’s Brain:  Good.  Take Advil now.

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5 Responses to In Which Kia Makes A Fool Of Herself

  1. ILikeBubbles says:

    Why don’t I get honorary Sisterhood status? I have a BM hunter TOO. 😦

  2. I had no idea people would be so happy to see me back. But yay! Also, congrats on being the Official First Blog on my new blogroll. 😀

  3. Navimie says:

    This talking to yourself is so hilarious, I am laughing out loud right NOW.

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