In Which Kia Answers A Question

It has been rather quiet here at the Sisterhood, for a number of reasons.  We are still in the middle of that seemingly-endless period waiting for the next expansion, although thanks be!  The pre-expansion patch is on the verge of dropping.  I have still been achievement hunting, and even though I’m 300 nerdpoints of achieving my third Nerdpoint Goal (which I am almost certainly not going to hit – 300 nerdpoints at THIS stage of my nerdpoint-career is rather difficult… unless I were to PvP.  Pffft to that.), I have still managed to finish a couple BIG ONES that were haunting me.

(On an aside… SiB did the Ulduar one AGES AND AGES ago as a guild activity, but because I am an idiot, after Razorscale killed 16 dwarves, I died… and then released.  So I sat outside the instance as a ghost, weeping at the coldness of the Door that denied me entry while the rest of my guild went on to get the achievement and I have been sitting at needing only 9 dwarves since like March.  Fortunately, I have a really nice boyfriend who is also a really kick-ass tank.)

Mostly though, the Sisterhood has been quiet because the other game I play, Earth Online, has been usually tumultuous.  In fact, that is why when I saw the Blog Azeroth shared topic for this week (sorry I’m late, BA people), I HAD to answer it.

Effraeti asked a very simple question.

How has WoW changed your life?

Today is my WoW anniversary.  I started playing four years ago today, although I had a long break (most of Cataclysm) while I was off in Burkina Faso doing other things.  There are many ways I could answer this question, because there are a hundred ways big and small that WoW has changed my life, but FAR AND AWAY the biggest and most important one is a single word.


Almost exactly a year ago, while I was still in Burkina, I found out that guild that I was supposed to have joined on my arrival back in the States was going belly-up and I would soon be homeless again.  I put out a cry on Twitter, on which at that time I barely spoke, because my Twitter roll was (and is) full of WoW bloggers that I still stand in awe of and am constantly surprised that they talk to me because they are Internet Famous.  Amber was one of, oh, maybe four GMs who saw me say, “Hey, I need a guild!”  In retrospect, it kind of felt like that part in the Matrix movie when Neo and Trinity are in the Construct and need lots of guns.


So after a long perusal of several different guilds (sorry, Effers… you were thisclose to winning the Kia lottery), I finally decided firmly in favor of <Stands in Bad> and a few weeks later, when I joined the guild, Amber “introduced” me via Twitter (there should be a word for that, and that word should be Twiduced) to some of my guildmates who Tweet, including this guy called Achloryn who happened to be the raid leader for SiB.

We started talking about football.

(STEELER NATION FOREVER.  I took three Terrible Towels to Texas with me.  This did not go over well.)

I think it took us all of about two weeks after I got back from hiking on the AT to decide to start dating, and I will admit to some trepidation.  Chris tells me over and over (and over and over and over) again that I worry too much and he’s right, I do.  I worried about whether we were both feeling superficial feelings (we weren’t), whether we were going to do have enough in common outside WoW to support a real relationship (we do), whether we would break on the fundamental truth that LONG DISTANCE IS HARD, YO (we didn’t).

Long distance relationships are hard.  This is not news, and all the other people who have been in one or are in one now are sagely nodding their heads.  It isn’t something that people who haven’t been in one can truly understand.  Communication becomes significantly more important when communication is all that you have.  Fortunately there’s all this technology, and let me tell you, Skype is a wonderful thing and they should give the people that invented it a Nobel prize.  You both have to be willing to not give in to knee-jerk reactions and ask things like, “What did you mean when you said that?”  We’ve had our share of seriously stupid arguments because one of us said something flippantly over a text-only medium and the other took it the wrong way.  But since we’ve both committed to actually trying to figure out what the other person meant, not just what they said, we got through them.

I don’t necessarily believe in the concept of The One, but if I did, Chris would be it.  We both had to walk a long and broken road to get to the place where we would meet and our hearts would recognize each other.  I truly believe that if we had met five years ago, we would never have dated, and I would have missed out on something spectacular.  We started talking about the future rather a long time ago, and have just been waiting for the stars to align in order to walk into it.

Two weeks ago, I gave my letter of resignation to my employer in Texas, and this weekend I drove 813 miles and moved in with Chris yesterday to start living in the future.

How has WoW changed my life?  It introduced me to the guy I’m going to be marrying someday.  If I ever get a chance to visit Blizzard HQ, I am going to thank them for that.

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7 Responses to In Which Kia Answers A Question

  1. Faye says:

    Lovely post! I often wonder if having something like WoW would have helped with some of the long distance relationships I had during college. I think it probably would have. Telephone and text chat are okay, but actually “seeing” someone in game and going and doing things with them is so much better.

    • Kialesse says:

      Oh, it does! We do (ha, USED TO DO! \o/) a lot of WoW-playing while we were on Skype, too. It was nice – it was almost like playing in the same room, except… not. I think as far as LDRs go, Chris and I weathered ours with panache, but I’ve got to say, I am SO EXCITED that we’ve excised the LD part of it.

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  3. Orv says:

    Nymphy and I are so happy for you two!

  4. Syrco says:

    Great story and post!:D I know long distance relationships can be hard as my boyfriend and I are from different countries but we played WoW together and met at a guildmeeting. We got to know each other better and decided to give it a chance cause we knew we’d regret it if not. It was hard to be apart but I visited some times, before I moved this summer. It’s much better now 🙂 I wish you two the best, good luck 😀

  5. battlechicken says:

    I have nothing to say that won’t leave me in happy tears for you. So just <3. 😀

  6. Navimie says:

    OMG I’m reading this now… romance … happy endings… coming together …. and how small is this world!!! 😀 So happy for you guys 🙂

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