In Which Kia Goes A-Dungeoning

So the almost-newest Sister (more on the newest-newest Sister later… much, much later) in the Sisterhood, Baby!Hunter, is rocking through Outland.  And by “rocking”, I mean “hasn’t actually done any Outland questing yet”.  Which is quite fine by me – after all, while there are many paths through Azeroth and while Northrend has some significantly nice zones (I really love Grizzly Hills, I really really really do), Outland is the neglected armpit of World of Warcraft.  It’s damp, hairy, and more than a bit stinky.  It also contains Hellfire Peninsula, and I believe I have made my views on Hellfire Peninsula abundantly clear.

In case I have not

I hate Hellfire Peninsula with all the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

NOW are we clear?

This is part of the reason why the Baby!Druid is languishing in Zangarmarsh at level I-think-it’s-62.  I can only do so much Outland per day.  Yesterday was not her day.  Neither was the day before that, or the day before THAT.  Tomorrow doesn’t look good either, and today?  Today is Right. Out.

But I digress.

The philosophy I ensconced when I went to roll up a jewelcrafter was this:  Questing, while I generally enjoy it and am good at it, is beginning to pall after the long haul that was Loremaster.  Ergo, THIS hunter, this Baby!Kia would be leveled entirely through dungeons.

I had thought that would be a bad idea, but in a fit of masochism, was willingly going to walk into the abyss anyway.

And honestly?

Here’s a shocker.

It hasn’t been that bad.

I’m serious.  It’s been okay.  In fact, ever since I hit Ramps and have been running with my buddies Quin and Pix, it’s been a lot of fun, actually.

However, I am aware that people saying “Hey, I’m running dungeons with people who are not total mouth-breathing pieces of snot and are in fact kind of cool!” is not good TV, so we’re going to come up with a list of things that haven’t gone well.  In no particular order:

1) Douchecanoe #1: The mouthbreathing bear tank that needed on the epic cloth hat that drops from Flamelash.  There was a warlock AND a priest in the party, you tool.  What the hell?  /Gibbsmack

2) Douchecanoe #2: The mouthbreathing paladin who cheerfully proclaimed as we were starting to pull Ramps, “I’m going to drop group as soon as I ding!” and then was totally offended when the three of us thought that was a jerky thing to do and refused to move until he left, spewing racial slurs as he collected his Deserter debuff.  And to have the temerity to tell us that you were going to do itin advance?  Oh wait, you thought you were conferring some kind of privilege on us by allowing us to carry you for the last bubble and a half of your level?  Sorry, my bad.  You tool.  /Gibbsmack

3) I have tried and tried and tried to Misdirect to the tank Every. Single. Pull.  It isn’t WORKING.  This is almost certainly because hunters don’t get Misdirection until level 76.  However, I am willing to entertain theories about how I am doing it wrong.  Certainly MD would actually be incredibly helpful at level 70 and lower dungeons, so perhaps my macro is just borked.  >.>

4) The Satchel of Helpful Goods have been decidedly UNHELPFUL.  Last night, I got a Turbulent Necklace twice in a row.  Both times the enchant was int/stam.  My neverending curse of getting nothing but shaman gear continues.  INT MAIL I HATE YOU.

5)  Oh look, guys, it’s our old friend Hellfire Ramparts.  Hello, Ramps.  Long time no see… if we define “long time” as “more than five minutes” and “no see” as “fewer than four consecutive runs”.  How’ve you been?  Heard you got a new girlfriend!  Nicely done, mate!  Shame about your new haircut, though.  So, about that money you owe us…

6) Mages.  Granted, I don’t remember actually running with any mages per se… I probably have, but they were either too anodyne to stick in my head or they were so awful that I mentally blocked them out.  However!  Mages, just in general.  Mages suck.

Other than these few minor hiccups, the whole rapid-fire experience of dungeon leveling with heirlooms has been smooth sailing.  In fact, I can see Baby!Hunter maybe even hitting Northrend this weekend, which will make me a happy hunter.  I like Northrend.  Other than Boring Tundra, but who goes there anyway?

Kia’s Brain: We need to talk.

Kia: We do that all the time.

Kia’s Brain:  But this time, it’s Talk. With a capital T.

Kia: Oh.  What’d I do this time?

Kia’s Brain: That was my question.  When I saw… this.

Kia:  Saw what?  If there was supposed to be a link there, you forgot it.

Kia’s Brain:  I didn’t forget it.  You can’t view characters under level 10.  But if you could you would see… a priest.  A PRIEST.  A level-8 Human PRIEST. What the hell kind of game are you trying to play here?

Kia: I’m just… experimenting!  It’s an experiment!

Kia’s Brain: Don’t you know, priests are gateway alts?  If you level that priest, which I know you’re going to because you want a tailor/enchanter, who knows what else you’ll try next?  A melee class?  A MAGE???

Kia: You are overreacting.  I would never play a mage.  Let’s… have some chocolate!

Kia’s Brain: If you think a dopamine spike is going to suddenly make all this better… well…

Kia:  /ingests chocolate

Kia’s Brain:  oh… well…

Kia:  /ingests more chocolate

Kia’s Brain:  Maybe the world is not a terrible place after all.

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2 Responses to In Which Kia Goes A-Dungeoning

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    *Takes notes: Save up chocolate for troublesome times.*

    Fun as always Kia. 🙂 I agree on the MD and the mages and the weird people you can run into. You should definitely try leveling a hunter in battlegrounds one time though, it’s fun. 😉 Aaand leveling a melee can be pretty fun as well, especially warriors with charge. Or shammys with their awsome burst. I have x 85’s myself, but I totally leave them in the gutter when they hit level cap (poor things).
    I’m gonna level a new hunter any day now… I really need to, cause I have a Razer Nostromo that I should start using. And it’s better getting used to it on an innocent alt, rather than in a raid where everything relies on my steady moves. I think. I just need to find someone to level together with…

  2. Esmerellda says:

    Mages are for Dig!

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