In Which Kia Knocks Out Another One

Oh yeah!  I forgot!  I finished The Flame Warden last week!

In case you haven’t done it yet, the Midsummer holiday event is easy, takes about four hours to get the meta for, and is utterly dull as tombs.  Here is how to do it:

1) Acquire a significant amount of alcohol.  You’ll be doing a lot of flying, but as long as you take taxis, you shouldn’t be too much of a driving risk.

2) Go put out flames.  Don’t use the alcohol; that would be bad.  Also, a waste.  And honor them.  The flames, not the alcohol.  Although you COULD honor that too, but that is between you and your therapist and I don’t want to know.  There are lots of them, and they are in very weird places.  Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with dungeons like you do with the Elders, but that’s about all that there is to say positive.  Of the eight holiday events, three of them require you to spend hours traveling to distant and obscure places (seriously, would ANYONE go to that cave in Western Plaguelands if that Elder wasn’t there?) to do something repetitive and trivial.  While I generally do not have a problem with grindy grindy MMO grinds, three times seems a bit much even for me.  Anyway.

3) Once you do all that, the rest is a cakewalk.  Kill the boss, buy the clothes, juggle the torches.  The torch juggling is the only thing that might prove to be even the slightest bit challenging, simply because if you’ve got any kind of lag, you might find that your mad frantic spamming of the whatever button you bind your juggle-the-torch to has some problems keeping up.  Fortunately, Dalaran is a total ghost town these days, so that’s going to help a lot.

4)  Spin at the Maypole.  Or whatever it’s called.

5)  Profit!

So now I’m sitting at 5/8 holidays completed, with a long, long time to go until the next one and have begun to resemble a Nerdpoint Juggernaut, barreling down through Azeroth like an unstoppable wave of needy desperation.  Seriously.  It’s starting to get scary around here.  However, this holiday merited far less attention than the 400 words it got.  Midsummer is BORING, yo.

Fortunately I’ve got these two baby toons I’m working on (Baby!Druid is 62 in Zangermarsh, Baby!Hunter is 35 in dungeons) to distract me from the general Mehness that is encapsulating my current time in Azeroth.  We are all in the process of that deep breath before the plunge into Mists and it’s not a fun time.  We’ll get through it, my friends.  August is coming.

TL;DR: I am feeling meh.  The meh is enveloping my entire being and is threatening to overtake the world as we know it.  Meh.  Everything is meh.

EDIT:  The amazing Lodur of WoM and For The Lore fame has drawn me a Meh!

AND a /headdesk.


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4 Responses to In Which Kia Knocks Out Another One

  1. Kotakh says:


  2. Cynwise says:

    … I laughed a lot at this post. It IS as dull as tombs, you SHOULD have a lot of alcohol, and meh. MEH, I SAY.

    I’ve done it once, it burned me out from holidays for a few months, and just can’t bring myself to ever do it again. I’ll stop and do the flames if I’m running around, but …


  3. Elunamakata says:

    I couldn’t do it. I started, I got on Eluna and was going to use her rocket to take my farming druid around to gain levels…but no. I got to one fire and said…screw this, I’ll run myself through BRD instead. I do have the achievement on my Priest though!

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