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In Which Kia Gets Real

Challenge… accepted. I have been watching the ongoing blogger reveal with some interest and trying to decide whether or not I would throw my hat into the ring.  In fact, I held a lengthy discussion with Achloryn about it, which more … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Experiences Marital Discord

Please note:  This post has got nothing whatsoever to do with Achloryn.  Do allow your heart rate to return to normal.  Sheesh, people.  We’re not even married. So WoW and I were having one of THOSE conversations the other night. … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Is Trolled

Kia’s Brain: I knew you making that priest was going to lead to bad, evil, horrible things. Kia: My mouse hand slipped, honest! How was I to notice that I had misclicked, and that the newest sister wasn’t a hunter? Kia’s Brain: Oh, … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Goes A-Dungeoning

So the almost-newest Sister (more on the newest-newest Sister later… much, much later) in the Sisterhood, Baby!Hunter, is rocking through Outland.  And by “rocking”, I mean “hasn’t actually done any Outland questing yet”.  Which is quite fine by me – … Continue reading

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In Which Kia Knocks Out Another One

Oh yeah!  I forgot!  I finished The Flame Warden last week! In case you haven’t done it yet, the Midsummer holiday event is easy, takes about four hours to get the meta for, and is utterly dull as tombs.  Here … Continue reading