In Which Kia Sprouts Another

So yeah, I rolled another hunter alt.

Kiajaysi, a draenei lady hunter.  Called her that because she’s going to be a jewelcrafter.  In fact, her JC skill (hurr, c whut i did thar?) (y’know, JC… Jaysi?  Geddit?  ANYONE?) is already 50 and she’s only level 11 and hasn’t actually tamed a for-real pet yet.  In fact, I haven’t actually decided WHAT pet I’m going to tame.

Yes, I can hear you all rolling your eyes and saying, “But Kia!  Didn’t you have some other alt you JUST rolled?



Um.  Yeah.  I do.  A laserchicken.  She’s 57 and puttering about Silithus desperately attempting to get high enough to go to Outland.  In fact, I’m almost certain that the reason that I did roll another hunter last night is specifically BECAUSE the druid is puttering about Silithus trying desperately to get high enough to go to Outland.  I hate Silithus.  It’s full of bugs and sand, and oh yeah, it’s ugly as all hell.  There’s only 19 quests in it, so you would think it would only take an hour to do, but all of the quests have drops with drop rates in the sub-sub-basement so it takes sixty thousand Twilight-whatevers to get ten freaking pieces of paper.  I really hate the late-vanilla zones, actually.  I could also go to Blasted Lands, but let’s be honest… that isn’t any better.  I probably WILL have to go to Blasted Lands, because I don’t think finishing Silithus will get me high enough to go to Outland anyway.

And part of that problem is that I usually wait until 60 to go to Outland anyway.  There are two reasons for this:

1) Flying mounts.

2) OH MY GOD I HATE HELLFIRE PENINSULA.  With all the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, do I hate Hellfire Peninsula.  I hate fighting demons.  I hate that it’s nothing but RED.  I hate that PvP quest where you have to go stand at the poles in those three ruins.  I hate Fei Fei.  I hate that I never, ever remember to buy a Nethergarde Bitter before I leave Blasted Lands to give to that stupid dwarf that, like all dwarves everywhere, won’t give you the time of day until you booze him up.  I’m not that kind of druid, Mirren.

Oh, and what I really, really hate?  The fact that there is NO OTHER WAY INTO OUTLANDS.  You have to go through HFP, and it sucks donkey balls.

So I do my best to avoid most of it by waiting until 60 to go through that damnable portal and try to go straight to Zangermarsh, which at least has the advantage of not making me want to gouge out my own eyes from all the RED.

As I’m sitting here verbally spewing, I believe that the reason so many of my alts falter and die in the very late 50s is because of the death-inducing combination of Silithus-Blasted Lands-Hellfire Peninsula.  There are so many just lovely and compelling places to level in early vanilla content (I would move to Elwynn Forest in a heartbeat); I don’t know why all of that pretty goes away once you hit, say, 45.  The PLs?  Ugly.  Winterspring?  Nothing but snow (although I do enjoy Winterspring otherwise).  Un’goro?  Full of death.  And tar pits.  And a volcano, with (say it with me!) MOAR RED.

Oh, and let’s not even TALK about Burning Steppes, home of the Blackrock Mountain of Many Doors I Cannot Find.  And also… red.  And black, yes, lots of black.  But… red.


/deep breath

Sorry about that.


Interestingly enough, I am not the only one on an alt kick.  Achloryn has rolled three alts in the last couple weeks.  He blows my mind with how fast he levels.  Last night, he rolled a new baby shaman at the same time that I rolled my new baby hunter.  We started within five minutes of each other, and an hour and a half later, he was three levels ahead of me.  I wasn’t fiddling around, either.  Because I’ve done I don’t know how many draenei at this point (I love draenei), I know the starting zone like I know my own bedroom and I was booking through stuff.  He still beat me to level 10 by over an hour.  I am starting to believe in the power of heirlooms.

So, there’s a new Baby!Kia to join the Sisterhood, and I believe that I am going to trick her out with some of those aforementioned heirlooms and level her through dungeoning.  I’ve done leveling through dungeoning before, but I’ve never actually managed to max out a toon that way.  I think I will try it with this one.  I realize that this will inevitably expose me to all of the mouth-breathers, sandwich-demanders, spirit-cloth wearing prot paladins and gogogogo-mages (I hate mages) that make up a statistically-significant part of the pugging population, but hey, I’m a tough girl.  I can take it! 

And what about that poor abandoned druid?

Well.  We’ll get her there eventually.  I’ll probably pick her up again about the time that I say “I cannot stand running Scarlet Monastery even once more”.  After all, the Scarlets are… RED.

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3 Responses to In Which Kia Sprouts Another

  1. Askevar says:

    You roll hunters like I roll death knights 😛

    I actually enjoy HFP [it’s the only part of Outlands I like] so I queue for dungeons and quest through there and stay there till the last. quest. I can find. 😀

  2. Kotakh says:

    You do know that you could level up your druid from 57 to 62 in dungeoning and go straight to Zangarmarsh instead of Silitus and HFP…right?

    Also…duh heirloom! Of course Fuzz level faster than you! I’m experiencing leveling from scratch without heirloom for the first time since my first toon ever right now and it takes FOREVER compared to heirloom leveling 😦

    I still say you should have called your new hunter Kiamore 😉

  3. red cow says:

    Oh god, I hate those reddish deserty levels too! I scrounged XP from wherever I could get it so I could skip straight to Zangarmarsh DX

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