In Which Kia Finds Balance

Ladies and gentlemen, <Stands in Bad> has a new home!

Yesterday after much forum discussion, our guild decided to go ahead and make the jump off a PvP server.  We pondered and considered and debated and actually went to the extreme lengths of EXCOGITATING (it actually is a word) before our GM pulled the trigger and said, “Rexxar”.


I hadn’t heard of it, either.  It’s a new players server.  We’re hoping for better on-server raid recruiting on a server that’s catered for newbies.  We will see if it works!

/crosses fingers

So I’ll be moving Kia over next week, but not the shaman.  Instead, I have… ROLLED AN ALT.

Friends, meet the newest member of the Sisterhood, Kiadru.

Kia’s Brain: 

Kia’s Brain:  That is STILL NOT A HUNTER.

KiaNo.  It is, in fact, a druid.

Kia’s Brain: What is it with you and rolling not-hunters recently?

Kia: What do you mean?  I’ve rolled THREE Baby!Kias in the last two weeks!

Kia’s Brain: And yet… a druid.  And that bard-thing you’ve got going on.

Kia:  So?

Kia’s Brain: So?  You’re a HUNTER.  You don’t know how to play a druid.

Kia: Well, I can have LAYERS, right?  Geez.  We need to expand your horizons.

(Although, it’s true.  I DON’T know how to play a druid.)

I don’t honestly know what possessed me to roll a druid.  I did have every intention of rolling an alt, probably two, so I can have some profession self-sufficiency for raiding in Mists, but I really expected to roll another hunter.  I’m REALLY REALLY GOOD at leveling hunters.  I know just what buttons to push and where to put talents when and I have my bars set up JUST RIGHT for them and it’s so EASY.

But when I sat and stared at the character creation screen, my fingers said, “Druid”.  WEIRD AS ALL HELL.

Obviously, because melee is for crazy people, I’m speccing her lazerchicken.  And because I really don’t know how to play a druid, at level 10 I had the following conversation with Achloryn:

Kia: …whoa.

Achloryn:  Hmmm?

Kia:  There’s a… thing… under my name.


Achloryn: …wut?

Kia: It’s some kind of bar thing with what appears to be a sun and a moon on either end.

Achloryn:  Oh!  Eclipse bar.

Kia: Oh, right!  Eclipse bar!

Kia: >.>

Kia: <.<

Kia: …what’s it do?

(Convoluted conversation in which Achloryn clearly explains how eclipses work, I don’t get it, he explains again, I still don’t get it, and then I try it and it WORKS.)

Kia:  Hey, this eclipse thing is a pretty cool mechanic!

Achloryn:  /pants from the effort of drilling things through Kia’s thick skull.

As you can see from the stylish tophatted-perchings-on-a-random-side-table, I picked a worgen to play.  This was the first time I had ever gone all the way through the worgen starting zone.  I had started it twice, but got distracted at about level 7 both times.  At level 7, you have unlocked, say, a quarter of the zone.  Maybe.  So the whole area was mostly new to me, and I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed it.  I had no idea that the place was so huge, for one.  I remember hitting 50 quests somewhere in there and still having a ways to go.

I thought the storyline was kind of great, although I can understand how it would not hold up to repeated playthroughs.  It is grim and gritty, and you’re railroaded pretty good, but for all of that… I enjoyed it.  I wish that they would have explained (maybe upon arrival at Darnassus) just exactly what had happened to rip Gilneas apart (BIGNASTYDRAGONOMG), but again, I can understand the literary choice NOT to.  After all, after the Cataclysm, there must have been thousands of people running around dealing with the aftermath not knowing the cause of this global catastrophe.

So I’ve left Baby!Druid on the beaches of Darkshore for the nonce, having successfully pushed through fourteen levels in one sitting, which is a LOT for old distracted me, especially considering that I INSIST on starting professions AT LEVEL 5 WHY CAN’T I START THEM EARLIER WHY, so I tend to be a rather slower leveler than usual.  (OH LOOK A FLOWER I PICK YOU.  /dies to the four mobs that I didn’t notice were there)

Kia’s Brain: So how long to you expect this whole level-alts thing to last?  You’ve got like six baby hunters scattered around now, plus this new… creation… of yours.

Kia: Haven’t got anything better to do, have I?

Kia’s Brain: I suppose not. 

Kia:  And besides… this is fun!

Kia’s Brain: It is NOW.  How are you going to feel in a month when you’ve got four toons in Outlands, dying, and you’ve given up on all of them so you can get Kia ready for Mists?  You KNOW it’s coming in August.

Kia:  You really are such a downer sometimes.

Kia’s Brain: Reality is totally lame.

Kia:  You can say that again.

Kia’s Brain:  Reality is totally lame.

Kia:  I hate you so hard.

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2 Responses to In Which Kia Finds Balance

  1. rachelpelton says:

    I’ve little to no room to talk. I’ve got 1 of every class so far, I’ve deleted capped toons in the past before just to be able to re-level them >.> I am an altoholic ^_^;

    That being said, I’m really lame at dps, so anything outside of tanking and healing I really can’t help you v.v

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