In Which Kia Learns The Harp

Kia’s Brain:  This is a WoW blog.

Kia:  Lies.  This is MY blog, and if I want to talk about my awesome new DnD campaign, I most certainly WILL.

Kia’s Brain:  Padri isn’t a Kia.  She isn’t part of the Sisterhood.

Kia: She is an HONORARY Kia.

Kia’s Brain:  /eyebrow lift

Kia’s Brain:  She plays a harp.

Kia:  Stop being so judgmental.  YOU used to play a flute.

Kia’s Brain:  She doesn’t even shoot Deadly Arrows!

Kia:  The shaman doesn’t shoot Deadly Arrows and SHE is part of the Sisterhood.  Padri at least owns a bow.  When did you get to be such an elitist anyway?  Geez.

Kia’s Brain:  Yeesh, FINE, whatever.  Padri can join the Sisterhood.  She’s on probation, though.

Kia:  One of these days, we’re going to have a talk about learning to share.

Kia’s Brain:  Boy, won’t that be exciting!  -_-

Kia:  Those are my eyes that you are narrowing at me.

Kia’s Brain:  It’s good to be the Queen.

So, a month or so ago, I was invited to join the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that Pix started.  The campaign had been running for awhile, but there was some personnel changes and it got rebooted.  So now there are eight of us around the (virtual) table, with the excellent Pix as Dungeon Master.  I’m playing a human bard named Padri.

Rades (who is playing FABULOR, OMG!) found this picture of Padri for me.  Well, the closest thing I could find to what I think Padri looks like, until I can rationalize letting myself commission an avatar from Vidyala.

I don’t know where he found her, but she’s adorable, isn’t she?

And because I am masochistic (I’m not really), I am about to do something I’ve never really done before and let you all read the background that I wrote for her.  You can find it here.

Padri and her buddies (I’ve taken to calling us The Circle of Ineptitude, because OMG we can’t hit the sides of barn doors  unless we are specifically NOT aiming at them) are currently hot on the heels of this jerk who stole some stuff from us and left us hanging with this strange ball-orb-thing that attracts deadly ghosts and is apparently the phylactery of some major big-time bad-ass lich guy.  He will die.  Eventually.  Once we stop aiming at him, I mean, so that we can actually hit him or whatever.

This is fairly new territory for me.  I’ve been in DnD campaigns before, but they were mostly of the point-and-shoot variety, rather than the in-depth roleplaying kind that this one is shaping up to be.  We’re using DnD’s Virtual Table and Skype for our sessions, since the nine of us live on quite literally opposite ends of the continent.  Last week, I copied our session from the table to a Word doc to edit.  It was 35 pages long.  From ONE session. Yeah.  We talk a lot.  It’s AWESOME.  I can’t wait for our next session.

We’re even Tweeting along.  You can follow @Kialesse, @FabulorWizard (Rades), @Key_the_thief (Quin, playing a human rogue), @KevaraBloodbane (Amber, playing a dragonborn warlock), @Half_Lazan (Achloryn, halfling druid), @Llanion (shifter warden), @LoranysSmash (Ori, half-elf paladin) and of course, @PixelExecution, who plays everything else.  We can be extremely funny, especially when Kevara tries to get Lazan killed.  He’s still never gotten over that.

Kia’s Brain:  Are you happy now?  Can we start talking about WoW again?

Kia:  Pffft.  I’m barely doing anything.  I log on, do some dailies, grind some rep, yada yada yada, and log off again.

Kia’s Brain:  There’s that baby Kia you’re leveling on that RP server…

Kia:  True.  And having a ball with <Kitten Armada>.

Kia’s Brain:  See?  You’re not totally bored yet, even though most of SiB is off killing demons.

Kia:  Diablo keeps sending roses.  I hate roses.

Kia’s Brain:  You should give the guy another chance.  You might just hit it off.

Kia:  I thought you said this was a WoW blog.

Kia’s Brain:  Hey, I get to change my mind.  It’s a Thing.

Kia:  Well, there is that.

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7 Responses to In Which Kia Learns The Harp

  1. I am really liking Circle of Ineptitude. Not only does it have a ring to it, we could totally have an emblem or symbol of a circle with an i in the middle or something like that. Or just a circle-based design.

    • Kialesse says:

      I also think it’s extremely apropos. And the “i” in the circle could have its dot off-center. Because even the i was inept.

      • I’m actually picturing a ring/i messily drawn with blood, because we forgot to bring any ink and we REALLY wanted a battle standard and had to make do.

  2. I really don’t think your enemies are going to take you very seriously.

    “The Circle of Ineptitude? Are you kidding me?” *motions to hordes of minions* “Kill them. Keep sending minions until they die.”

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