In Which Kia Marks Time

I’m still trying to think of something to write about for Achloryn’s blog, so while I work that out, have a gratuitous picture of me sitting on the Lich King’s lap while Jake humps his leg.

Why yes, Stands in Bad DOES have a muffin on our guild flag.  Also on our tabard.  Why do you ask?

No, I haven’t finished Loremaster yet.  Yes, I still have ONLY ONE ZONE LEFT.

Yes, I did get to 35 Exalted reps.  No, I am still not ahead of Achloryn in nerdpoints.  Patience.

No, we’re not anywhere near done with Pix’s shiny.  Anyone who wants to come along, we’ll be running H ICC 25 on Mondays at 7pm central from now (well, 2 weeks from now – we’re on a short hiatus) until probably the end of eternity.  We’ve got 41 shards left to go.

No, I have not yet broken down and installed the beta.  It is almost the last thing on my to-do list, shortly after “learn medieval Ottoman-Turkish” but right before “bear  children”.

Yes, I’ll probably try Diablo next week.  For a couple of hours, anyway.

Oh hey, look!  A zombie!

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