In Which Kia Is Victorious

Thanks to my amazing and brilliant guildies, I wasn’t even reduced to tears like I thought I’d be.

Also a million thanks to Cynwise, who told all us non-PvPers (thankfully repeatedly, cause I didn’t believe him the first half-dozen times) that we could do it and then gave us tools to help.  ❤ Cyn, I owe you a Darkbrew Lager.  Or whatever it is you warlocks drink.

I got a whole bunch of PvP nerdpoints tonight.  All of them unintentional.  Well, except for the obvious ones that I was actually going after.  This was a pleasant feeling.

Still wasn’t enough to make me want to EVER DO THAT AGAIN.  EVER.

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7 Responses to In Which Kia Is Victorious

  1. Cynwise says:

    Big huge honking congratulations! *HONK* /confetti

    My heart is full for you tonight. Well done!

  2. Krikket says:

    Someday? Your amazing and brilliant guildies will be doing group BGs and you’ll be like “Oh. Oh. Nerdpoints. I wanna come.” – I can see it already. ❤

    • Kialesse says:

      Not. Gonna. Happen.

      I mean, going along. My amazing and brilliant guildies (<3 ❤ <3) are very likely to do group BGs.

      I will, however, get in Vent and mock the other players along with you, jubilantly rejoicing that I am not one of them.

  3. Esmerellda says:

    Kiaaaaaa, BGs are FUN! ….when one isn’t lagged so horribly that everyone is spinning in circles. How I kept Krikket healed for as long as I did is a mystery.

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