In Which Kia Feels Guilty

Kia’s Brain:  So, remember awhile back you made this ridiculous prediction?

Kia: It was NOT a ridiculous prediction.  It was a hopeful goal born from uncertain times and a complete inability to foresee the future.

Kia’s Brain:  You’re a reasonably logical and sensible person.  Some of the time.  Occasionally.  When the mood strikes you.  So, when you looked at the list of stuff you had left to do, what on EARTH made you think that you could finish it in A COUPLE OF WEEKS??

Kia:  I am eternally optimistic.

Kia’s Brain:  Sure, we’ll call it that.  Or something.

Kia:  Life got in the way!  I moved across the country, damnit!  Started a new job!  And besides, I’m not that far behind!  

Kia’s Brain:  Are you done with it yet?

Kia:  >.>

Kia: …no.

Kia’s Brain:  Have you worked on it recently?

Kia:  <.<

Kia:  …define “recently”?

Kia’s Brain:  We’ll call that one a “no” then, too.  Have you any plans to work on soon?

Kia:  Um.  Sure!

Kia’s Brain:  That was entirely unconvincing.

Kia:  Look, you’re blowing this waaaaay out of proportion here.  I only have 2 zones left!  The endzone is within reach!  We’re first-and-goal to go!  I have a running back ready to carry the rock!  My wide receivers have magic hands and my QB throws a bullet!

Kia’s Brain: …you need to stop using American football analogies or you’ll scare away the geeks and the Europeans.  Also small children and puppies.

Kia:  You’re right.  Apologies!

Kia’s Brain:  However, you do make an excellent point.  Which two zones was it that you had left, exactly?

Kia:  >.>

Kia:  Um.

Kia:  …Netherstorm.  And, um… Icecrown.

Kia:  <.<

Kia’s Brain:  Right.  And exactly how many quests is that again, total?

Kia:  Well.  It’s.  Y’know.  260 quests.

Kia’s Brain:  Right.  So approximately the same number of quests it takes to level a toon from 1 to, oh, 60 or so, would you say?

Kia: …Probably.

Kia’s Brain:  And about how many quests would you say that you can manage in a sitting before you begin to ponder hurling yourself into a the blackness of despair and you go start killing bunnies in Elwynn Forest because you just can’t stand it anymore?

Kia:  Um.  Maybe about 30?

Kia’s Brain:  Because you’re a pansy.

Kia:  I get easily distracted!

Kia’s Brain:  So instead of finishing Loremaster, since you’re so close and all, what have you been doing?

Kia:  >.>

Kia:  …grinding reputations.  <.<

Kia’s Brain:  Which reputations, pray?

Kia:  Oh.  Outland ones.  Like Skyguard.  The Aldor.  The Outland dungeon ones.  That kind of thing.

Kia’s Brain:  …and have you finished THOSE?

Kia:  Some of them!  Hey, I got 30 Exalted reps last night when I finished Sha’tari Skyguard!  I LOVE reputations!  I’m a total reputation junkie!

Kia’s Brain:  So.  If I may sum up?

Kia:  /sigh

Kia’s Brain:  Rather than finishing one long, involved, rather noteworthy and certainly tedious achievement which you are SO CLOSE to being done with, you have abandoned it in favor of yet another long, involved, noteworthy and MOST DEFINITELY tedious achievement that you are nowhere near finished with?

Kia:  …maaaaaybe?

Kia: >.>

Kia:  <.<

Kia’s Brain:  So, have I guilt-tripped you back into FINISHING LOREMASTER, DAMNIT?

Kia:  :3

Kia’s Brain:  The cute-kitty face so does not work on me.

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4 Responses to In Which Kia Feels Guilty

  1. Pixelated Executioner says:

    “…you’ll scare away the geeks…”

    Screw you, lady. THIS geek PLAYED football. 😛

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