In Which Kia Hunts The Horde


You notice the little rotting skull there next to my mini-map?  Yeah.  Well.  Apparently the Horde REALLY don’t like it when you come into their city and start putting bunny ears on their ladies.

You would think I would have learned my lesson after trying to track down people to throw roses at.  However, I apparently am as hard-headed as my parents always said I was, because there I was, back at it in Orgrimmar, dying a lot (a WHOLE lot) and scrutinizing tauren and trolls in really large armor trying to determine if they were, in fact, female.

I may have even sunk low enough to attempt looking up their armory pages.  No, the armory does not give a gender.  I just thought if I had a better picture, not seen through the fog of death, I might be able to ascertain better. It didn’t really work.  I definitely wasted a couple [Spring Flower] casts on dudes.

Speaking of those flowers, whose bright idea was it to make the cooldown on those FIVE MINUTES LONG?  Oh. My. God.  Fortunately, I frequently had a rez timer going on, so I’d step out and give Twitter a once-over, pipe up with my disparaging opinions of the American Idols, etc etc etc.

I got five of the six races before throwing up my hands, finding a reasonably safe place to rez (again), and then heading for Dalaran.

I didn’t have a lot of hope, but I figured it was worth a try.  I wandered over to the Horde side of town and there I found Dontaa in her cat form.  I had no idea whether or not she was a girl.  I hit the cast button anyway.  Then there was glee.

It took me nearly 600 eggs to find all the clothes.  I’m only 150 chocolates away from a mount.  I might as well, right?


Stupid holidays.

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2 Responses to In Which Kia Hunts The Horde

  1. antlergirl says:

    I got obsessive with those eggs. I told myself that that would be the last one I picked up for the night and then I spotted another one… and another after that 😉

    • Kialesse says:

      They’re like CRACK. I did end up going back and getting the mount, and then I promised myself that THIS time… THIS TIME I would CHANGE. I could STOP.

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