In Which Kia Hides An Egg

No, not that kind of egg.  You gutter minds.

It’s Noblegarden time!  And along with that comes Kamalia’s Internet-famous Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt!  For the third year in a row, you can go on an egg hunt on some of your favorite WoW blogs (and mine, too!) to find 21 eggs hidden in various devious places.

Fair warning: my egg-hiding site is… not devious.  I am an egg-hiding rookie.  I was bad at it even when I was actually DOING egg hunts back in the day when I used to do Easter egg hunts with a little plastic basket and the ribbons and so forth.

(As an aside… it was an Easter tradition in my house that my sister and I always got a new dress and new shoes for Easter.  I used to be damn cute.  I wonder what happened?  Aside off.)



I am embarking on the third stage of my Long, Strange Trip… trip.  At this point, I have not actually DONE anything about Noblegarden.  Okay, I sort of did.  My guildie Kat (Hey! She’s in the next-to-last round of Mog Madness!  Go look at her pretty outfits ❤ ) summoned me to Un’Goro and turned me into a rabbit. Being a rabbit is not nearly as entertaining as it sounds.  Although all the free humping makes me giggle.  Because I’m terribly adult like that.

I’m fairly confident that I am quickly going to get extremely sick of egg-hunting and rabbits, which is why I’ll probably hold off another day or two until more of the hoopla dies down and Kharanos and Azure Watch aren’t QUITE so, ahem, hopping.

(That was bad.  I apologize.)

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of Loremastering to do.  I am halfway through the long slog that is Dragonblight (seriously boooooooring zone.  And I thought Boring Tundra was bad.  I had forgotten about Dragonbore.) and after that, there will be only 2 zones left in Northrend!  Of course, those two zones encompass 250 quests, so it’s not like I’m anywhere near done yet.

Someone remind me why I’m doing this again?  Oh yeah.  Nerdpoints.

All the nerdpoints!

So!  In summation:

– I hid an egg, go find it!

– Noblegarden is a pain.

– Dragonblight is boring.

– Nerdpoints.

That is all.

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