In Which Kia Reboots Herself


So, there’s been some silence ’round these parts, which has everything to do with the fact that I’ve completely started over. New job, new home (one that was a 25 hour drive away from my former home =D) new roommates! So yeah, one or two changes.  >.>

Oh, and I’ve been making a great impression at my new job, lol. On my first day, I ran into my desk in full view of half the office. Today, I faxed something… to the fax machine sitting next to the one I was using. My coworker gave me the verbal equivalent of a pat on the head. I could almost hear her say “Awwww, isn’t she CUTE???” I had no convenient mirror nearby, but I am fairly confident I was several shades of red.


I have been a major achievement hound!

While I would love to say that I can stop talking to Katherine Lee and maybe even bank my ring of instant teleportation awesomeness, sadly, I still have to do a number of dailies yet to finish getting the Northrend recipes for Northrend Gourmet. I am very, VERY far away from that one.

I also got a little fixated on old-school dungeons. Like, ALL the old-school dungeons. And because I fail at doors (I really, really fail at doors.  Even non-virtual ones are HARD.), FINDING all the old-school dungeons took rather longer (I mean, significantly longer. In the exponential kind of significance.) than actually clearing the dungeons, most of which consisted of running through the dungeon, acquiring a nice long tail of mobs desperately flailing in my direction and sometimes running into walls (I know how that feels), until I found the end bosses and shot him in the face with my Deadly Arrows.  Sometimes, on the higher lower (yeah, I meant that) dungeons like the Outland ones, I would sometimes ask Jake to go hit the mob first.  Not often though, because Jake does some nice killing all by his lonesome and I was always afraid that he would kill the Big Bad before I could get some damage off, thus failing to give me credit for the kill and resulting in me having to wait around for things to respawn.  Yes, that has happened to me on several occasions while working on Loremaster.  Must remember to /passive.

Just for kicks, I took a picture when I hit 7k nerdpoints!
 Now, according to the armory, I’m actually at 7365 at the moment, but I thought 7k was a significant enough step to merit its own screenie.  Also because I have now officially left Jen’s Damn Hunter in the dust!  \o/

2k to go!  And once I get there, I’ll have almost – ALMOST – broken into SiB’s top ten.   And considering the nerdpoint-obsessed mindset of our guildies, that is an achievement indeed.

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2 Responses to In Which Kia Reboots Herself

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    Fun read as always. 🙂

  2. Esmerellda says:

    9k would put you at 11! Huh, it’s kind of surprising, the gap between the current #10 and #11, There’s a gap there of 2k nerd points. How odd.

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