In Which Kia Throws Down A Gauntlet

…which Jen picks up.

It’s her own fault. She SAID quite CLEARLY that she was bored at work today. So I have no idea where this came from, but here it is: Story Time With Kia’s GM.


❤ Jen ❤


/eyes left
/eyes right
/eyes aaaall the open space while Kia is distracted

/clears throat

Once upon a time, there was a little night elf hunter. Talorina enjoyed shooting things and exploring areas with Cujo, a sleek, white wolf and her long-time friend. When there were new companions or mounts to acquire, Talorina was the one who chased after them. Over time, however, there was less need for another ranged damage-dealer in her little group of adventurers, and Talorina retired to the forests with Cujo, while her paladin friend Elnya went on adventures against the Lich King.

Talorina enjoyed her retirement. She did move and join a new guild, Stands in Bad, along with her account-mates, but has been content to let her shaman friend Clairedelune stand in the limelight and continue the hunts for the newest companions, mounts, and other achievements.

The little hunter did make sure to keep her skills with the skinning knife sharp, as well as her talents with item enchantment. She even took Cujo along to occasionally go see what the new generation of adventurers were up to, and briefly added her bow to the battle against Deathwing. Mostly, though, she relaxed in the small coastal town of Booty Bay. Cujo dozed by her side as she fished from the bay, and they stretched their legs in the surrounding jungles when the mood hit them.

Now, Talorina had made many friends in the new guild–friends from all sorts of different class and specialization backgrounds, and will all kinds of interests. One of her new friends was another hunter, named Kialesse. (Cujo was a little iffy about Kia’s feline companion, but that’s another story altogether.)

As Kia acclimated to the guild (since she was relatively new to the guild, herself), she became a little caught up in the trend of chasing achievements, to the point of starting the arduous task of Loremaster. As she gained more and more of the achievements, Kia became a little bit boastful. She was catching up to the number of achievements Talorina had gained, and Kia finally edged past.

In her pride, Kia announced to Talorina, “You’ll never catch me now!”

The retired hunter twitched from her humid perch by the water. Cujo was alert and by her side without a word.

Talorina quickly scanned the list of achievements she could still earn. She called down her drake and headed out to swiftly clear out the menaces in Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul in the Southern Barrens.

Eyeing the list of achievements and the cocky young hunter, Talorina hearthed to Dalaran. She marched up to Harold Winston in the jewelry store, and dropped a bag on gold on his glass counter, making him cringe noticeably. “I want a Band of the Kirin Tor.” He meekly handed one over, and waited until she and the wolf were well out of earshot before muttering angrily and wiping off the glass.

Kialesse watched Talorina climb back ahead of her on the list of achievements gained, horrified. “Oh, is that how we’re going to play it, huh?”

As Talorina travelled onwards, this time to the deserted city of Shattrath, she laughed as she received the announcement of Kia’s new achievements: she had acquired an Armored Brown Bear and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth from Mei Francis in Dalaran. Talorina wound her nether drake through the Lower City, pausing to visit the other drakes before making a quick purchase of a Gigantique bag from Haris Pilton.

Kia, not to be outdone, had travelled to the Howling Fjord and was feverishly killing turkeys and any pests along the way.

Talorina smiled to herself, and stopped in Stormwind to unwind in a bar for a few minutes, before heading out to explore the hidden reaches of Vashj’ir, the last area of the new Cataclysm lands that she hadn’t thoroughly visited.

Having proved her point with a 15-point lead, Talorina slid off of her drake onto the familiar wood of the Booty Bay docks. She wandered down to the beach with the white wolf at her side, and made herself comfortable in the sand with her fishing pole, a satisfied smile on her face as she drifted off for a nap.

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7 Responses to In Which Kia Throws Down A Gauntlet

  1. indigodragyn says:

    Pfft, Cujo will bite your face. XD

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  3. Kialesse says:

    So tell me again why Cujo hasn’t taken to Jake? Is it because he knows that Jake can offer him a severe beat-down? Is that the problem?

  4. Esmerellda says:

    And Es laughed at the both of you from her comfy spot in the nerd point race!

  5. Rae says:

    Wanna know Dhevon’s philosophy? You can’t lose if you don’t join the race. 😀

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