In Which Kia Is Delighted

At my best, I tend to be slightly absentminded. Unfortunately, the other day last week, I was NOT at my best.

After killing, I dunno, sixteen thousand dragons in Deepholm (I might be being conservative there), I finally had enough mats to send them off to our Kat and have her make me a pair of shiny new bracers. I squealed when I got them in the mail and then put them in my bags with a reminder to gem and enchant them before raid on Wednesday.

So raid rolled around on Wednesday and I suddenly remembered that I had yet to equip my new bracers. I went digging around in my bags looking for them.

They weren’t there.

Kia’s Brain: /facepalm

Kia: >.>

Kia’s Brain: I had NOTHING to do with this one.

Kia: Oh, I know. You were totally absent that day.

Kia’s Brain: No kidding.

See, I’ve been Loremastering like crazy (two and a half zones to go in Kalimdor!) and… well. I wasn’t paying much attention. And I vendored my shiny new bracers. I VENDORED THEM.

And didn’t discover it until days after it happened.

In despair, I opened a ticket and told Jen to put me back on the bottom of the list for Essences, just in case I needed to start all over again. Which I was resigned to do, feeling it to be just punishment for being so monumentally stupid and brainless.

Two days later, I got this response:

And accompanying that was mail in my mailbox with my bracers attached.

I know we as players sometimes come down hard on Blizzard and sometimes justifiably so. We are protective of this game that we love. But sometimes, they can give us a lot of joy.

The thought of Murloc pyramids warmed my heart for the rest of the day. Kudos, Blizz GM, kudos.

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4 Responses to In Which Kia Is Delighted

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    Lmao. Some of the best cheerleaders out there are murlocs! /truth

  2. Sizzlelegs says:

    Did you ever figure out where they went?

    lol done that myself!


  3. Sizzlelegs says:

    Fail…missed the part about you vendoring them…

  4. Nightvyxen says:

    Love how the GM replied. LOL!

    But very cool you got your bracers back. I had a guildie recently vendor his Shield he was freaking about not having due to our upcoming raid. I suggested a long shot to ask a GM about em since he recalled vending em, it was nice that he also got his shield back.

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