In Which Kia Entertains Herself

Kia’s Brain: So this Loremaster idiocy you’ve inflicted on us…

Kia: It isn’t idiocy, it’s Nerdpoints! And a shiny title!

Kia’s Brain: It IS idiocy. Do you KNOW how long it’s going to take you to finish all that nonsense?

Kia: Hey, I’m already done with Eastern Kingdoms! And look! I got to punch Deathwing in the face!

Kia’s Brain: Okay, yeah, that was fun.

Kia: YEAH IT WAS! And remember how we leveled Kia to begin with? How we leveled her ENTIRELY through questing ONLY in Kalimdor? Not even a single dungeon? It means that Kalimdor is nearly done as well!

Kia’s Brain: Your excessive perkiness is getting on my nerves. Have you LOOKED at what’s left to do in Northrend yet?

Kia: Okay, so there’s still a bit left to do…

Kia’s Brain: A BIT? Hello, Outland.

Kia: Yes, well…

Kia’s Brain: And let’s talk about the fact that you’ll raid at the drop of a hat. ANY hat, held by ANYONE. Even the freaking ugly hunter hats.

Kia: Well, yeah! It’s fun! Except for when bloody Nefarian drops stupid cinders on me JUST at the beginning of the phase when everyone’s still trying to get out of the bloody lava.

Kia’s Brain: FOUR. TIMES. IN. A. ROW.

Kia: But the dying in lava gave me a funny picture!

Kia’s Brain: But… you died. In lava. FOUR TIMES.

Kia: Well, at least I learned to die in lava rather than killing the rest of my platform buddies, right?

Kia’s Brain: She CAN be taught!

Kia: And OSM raids HARDLY count, anyway.

Kia’s Brain: You are RUNNING the OSM raids. OF COURSE they count.

Kia: Nah. That’s just loling at stuff until it falls over.

Kia’s Brain: I lol at you all the time. When are YOU going to fall over?

Kia: So I don’t know why you’re so hung up on this Loremaster business. I bet it isn’t gonna take nearly as long as you think it is. In fact, I bet…

Kia’s Brain: DON’T SAY IT

Kia: …if I push it, I can probably…

Kia’s Brain: Don’t you do it. You’re going to kill us both.

Kia:finish in another couple of weeks.

Kia’s Brain: /facepalm


Kia: Is it even POSSIBLE for you to /facepalm?

Kia’s Brain: You have Solted us in the worst possible fashion. In public. Now we are NEVER going to finish Loremaster, and you will have only yourself to blame.

Kia: Pfffft. You’re such a pansy.

Kia’s Brain: I hate you so hard.

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3 Responses to In Which Kia Entertains Herself

  1. Laeleiweyn says:

    I “only” have Kalimdor left, but I can’t seem to do it. Finished Eastern Kingdoms 4 months ago, so the finish line is within visual sight. Guess I need a pep talk. Anyway, good luck with your goal, and have fun. 🙂

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