In Which Kia Gets Tagged

Internet memes are the craziest things, aren’t they? According to this list, 247 blogs were tagged for the now-epic Sixth meme that Gnomeaggedon started ten days ago. Including me! There I am, sitting proudly at #122, sandwiched right between Khizzara and Kimzowy.

Check out this nonsense:

I got tagged by Lae, who is stalking me which gives me no end of joy. Lae was tagged by Jaedia, who was tagged by both Apple Cider and Saxsy, who were tagged by Lizzyuh and Kamalia respectively. Lizzyuh was tagged by Bulidar, who was challenged by Syrco, who was tagged by Cymre, who had been tagged by Navimie along with like six other people. Navimie was tagged by Windsoar, who was one of the original six bloggers that Gnomeaggedon tagged himself.


So, as I count it, the degrees of separation between Gnomeaggedon and myself go like this:

Apple Cider
Little Ol’ Me

That is… ten degrees. Oof. So much for that whole six degrees of separation thing.

I found the massive tree that Martha built a fascinating thing. All these people from all corners of the globe tied together simply because we all happen to enjoy killing Internet Dragons. It’s truly amazing. I blame Twitter for my part in the shenanigans, personally. Randomly last May, when I was bored and lonely in West Africa and happened to have internet access at the time, I made a Twitter account completely out of the blue and populated it entirely with WoW bloggers I was following at the time, who led me to their friends. And then with help from the inimitable Cynwise who gave me a shout-out when I was too nervous and embarrassed to say out loud on Twitter that my former guild had exploded and I needed a new one, the equally inimitable Amber invited me to come to the ongoing party that is Stands in Bad (it’s a name, not a way of life), and I found the most amazing guy who encouraged me to blog again because I missed it after leaving it behind in Burkina Faso.

Which brings us here, to an innocuous internet meme that has seen the WoW blogosphere EXPLODE.

You will notice that I have not, as yet, actually done the meme. There is a reason for that.

Um. I don’t have six subfolders in my image folder. I don’t even have an image folder. I have the screenshots subfolder in my WoW folder that comes built-in when you install the game. There are about 45 screenshots in there, so to attempt to keep in line with the 6×6 theme we’ve got going on here, this is the 36th one:

I took that shot because somewhere around Uldum, during the Epic Race to 85 with Es, I was struck by the fact that for the first time, 84 levels after I rolled her, my flower-picking Shaman… matched. I don’t actually get into the mogging thing, except on an envious level where I would LIKE Kia to have Nice Things but don’t really want to go to the trouble to actually procure them, but by some nice design on Blizzard’s part, the quest rewards I had accumulated up to that point sort of went together in a pleasing flow. So I took her picture to save it for posterity, knowing that it was quite likely never to happen again.

As for the rest of the meme, tagging and linking 6 more bloggers… well. Based on that list, there AREN’T six more bloggers to tag, and I’ve linked more than enough for one post. I wash my hands of the rest.

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6 Responses to In Which Kia Gets Tagged

  1. Gnomeaggedon says:

    Wow, you have very deftly weaved my two challenges into one post… but maybe you are just a natural!

    • Kialesse says:

      And BAM! I drop from ten degrees to… no degrees! And since I didn’t know about the second challenge until you said something and I went to go catch up on my rapidly-spinning-out-of-control feedreader, I am going to claim that I am just that good.

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  3. Navimie says:

    Omg I have a mention in your blog! Took me an easter egg hunt to find it though 🙂 TY for the mention! 🙂

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