In Which Kia Finds Romance

Today is (okay, FINE, it WAS when I started this post and then wandered off to look at shiny things) the day that the United States and many other parts of the world celebrate romantic love; a strange tradition, considering that in my humble and admittedly-unasked-for opinion, romantic love is something that should be celebrated all the damn time, not on just one day a year. And also I think there’s a lot more to romance than flowers and candy and cards, whatever Hallmark might think. And also strange because the guy reputed to have started it did no such thing and in fact, it was really those Middle Age courtly lovers. And also because while Hallmark didn’t actually invent the idea, they certainly have capitalized on it, rendering it something that has become sadly despised in many circles, legitimately so.

None of this has anything to do with St. Valentine’s Day in Azeroth, I just thought it was interesting.

In fact, Blizzard seems to harbor a secret, seething resentment against the lovers’ holiday which they have impressed into their game. The perfume and cologne and chocolates, no longer innocuous expressions of affection, are in fact tools of a shadowy organization bent on enslaving the minds of innocents with mind- and mood-altering chemicals. It is, in fact, nefarious and underhanded and scheming. Booooo.

That being said, I still went and got the achievement anyway.

I spent HOURS (literally) standing in that gauntlet in Throne of the Tides, shooting baby water elementals, specifically for this:

Jake, as you can see, was less than impressed with this overgrown pink (probably because he’s been plucked) chicken. Even less so when the chicken turned around to bite him.

At least, I assume that was what he was doing. If he was reaching around to bite ME… well, we will have words. Probably strong ones. I’ve had that mount for all five minutes and he’s already cantankerous? I get enough of that from my guildies, tyvm. A querulous pink (I HATE pink) chicken that looks damned uncomfortable to ride and wants to bite me? This sounds like the beginnings of a truly terrible British panto or possibly some REALLY awkward erotica. We’re stabling this one, methinks. Why did I spend hours farming up those charms again?

The Fool For Love achievement was significantly less boring (save for the charm farming) than the Elders one, even if it did require much less (well, NO) getting-lost-in-vanilla-dungeons. I was a little scared of Pitied the Fool, because OMG ARATHI BASIN IS A PVP THING. And as we all know, I hate PvP with all the raging fire of a thousand burning suns. However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. I queued up at like 3 in the morning, ran straight to the blacksmith, pitied the fool, and AFK’d before anyone could notice I was there. I’m sure the REAL PvPers were probably used to this behavior and just /sighed or possibly /facepalmed, perhaps both. Far worse than that one was the one where you had to throw flowers at people. Everyone was talking about how much easier this was since Love in the Air was coinciding with Darkmoon Fair, but I found the Island particularly devoid of people. With three race/class combos left to go, I girded my loins and headed for Orgrimmar, where I heard you could find like Horde-type people.

Of course, they don’t much like the Alliance over there. They’re funny that way.

So after my first couple deaths, Camouflage being rendered totally useless, I determined upon scouting the main congregation point in wisp form until I found one of the people I needed, targeting them, rezzing, and immediately throwing flowers. It mostly worked, until I ran into the whole Troll Rogue problem. Apparently they don’t exist, or if they DO, they were evidently at a convention somewhere OTHER than Orgrimmar. Not that I can blame them much; from what I saw, Orgrimmar is a grim place and I wouldn’t want to hang out there either. I finally got the achievement when Loaner Laptop Friend took pity on my wild-eyed, disheveled state and rolled a tiny Troll Rogue for me to throw flowers at.

However, as irritating as that particular bit was, it was more than made up for by this one:

I’ve trained Jake to look away when Achloryn and I get mushy like that. I’ve got to say though, one of the loveliest thing about being in a WoW couple is having a guaranteed date when you want to have a romantic picnic in Dalaran. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s possible that I might have cooed a little. >.>

Two holidays down, six more to go! And after nearly 2 straight months of holidays, we finally get a break before we have to go collect eggs until we all want to tear out our hair one individual strand at a time. Looking forward to THAT one, lemme tell you >.<

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