In Which Kia Runs For The Finish Line

Baby Shami is no longer a baby, but a honest-to-God teenager.  She’s even whiny and everything.

And somehow, she’s gotten involved into an actual race to 85 with our estimable healy paladin’s sneaky rogue, Lustus.  It’s gotten to be A Thing.

I’m not really sure how it started, but I assume it was probably my fault.  I had, after all, been trying to fend off Krista and HER bloody rogue (who, by the way, is still creeping up on us.  And now Kat has this warrior in the late 50s, last I checked, who seems to want to get in on the action but she’s far too late now).  Es’s rogue has been hanging out in the 60s for, I dunno, months?  She happened to be on it when I made it to Outlands, and one comment about catching up to her led to another, and then another less innocuous one and then before either of us realized it… FULL BLOWN LEVELING COMPETITION OMG.

It’s been extremely entertaining for the guild.  Although I have not heard any confirmed reports, I would not be surprised if friendly speculation of a fiscal nature might be going on between some of our guildies.  Certainly publicly all support has been for Es, especially from our guild tanks, none of whom seem to want to risk pissing off one of our primary healers.  Most of the DPS is going that way, too, because Es is a holy paladin.  She’s said that she’ll accept bribes to bubble people.  I offered her five levels to try to knock Kat off the top of the Skada charts on Thursday, but it was universally agreed that that was probably a Bad Idea, given that we were working on Madness at the time and needed every ounce of dps that we could get.  But I have not thrown out the idea for later, when we’ve got the jerk on farm.  Anyway.  Publicly, support has been thrown for Es, but I am undeterred.  Pix, just this evening, has offered some sort of Reward, which he said was a Surprise and refused to tell us what It is.  I will find out WHEN I WIN.

Es and I have managed to stay neck-in-neck for basically the last week or so, even with her nefarious and designing attempts to CHEAT.  We’re taking two very different approaches – I am leveling entirely through questing, and she is leveling almost entirely through dungeons.  However, this afternoon we wound up at the same place in Mt. Hyjal and grouped up for the second half of the zone.  Astonishingly, killing things is remarkably easier when there’s a rogue along for the ride.  Don’t ever tell her that I said that, though.

I did fail in my shamanistic calling during one of the last quests when you have to kill this giant, well, Giant with the aide of your new turtle buddy.  Es died, because… I was lightning bolting the Giant guy and not really paying attention to the fact that Es was, well, dying.  The turtle and I killed him off and I rezzed Es, but unfortunately, just as she came back to life, the giant Giant respawned directly on her head and killed her again.



The second time, I ran AWAY from the giant Giant before I revived her.  That worked better.  I still took flak from our resident shamans, especially the ones like Jen who are healy shamans for real.  I maintain that in no way was I attempting to kill Es’s rogue on purpose to gain an advantage.  That would be MEAN.


Currently both Kiashami and Lustus are about halfway through 82.  If we keep going as we have been, I think we can expect an end to this extremely entertaining little drama sometime late this week.

Until then… I AM GOING TO WIN, ES.

Meanwhile, Kia has been enjoying the fruits of others’ labors in the form of nerdpoint hunting.  Jen, because she adores nerdpoints in all their various shapes and sizes, organized  a few weeks of tier 11 achievement hunting. I had never done any of tier 11, so the effort of trying to remember all the various bosses and what they did and what we wanted them to do in order to get what we wanted to get was, y’know, a challenge.  But everything died the way it was supposed to in a generally timely fashion, so I can hardly complain.  Especially as I barely knew what I was doing.  But then, that is a fairly common state of being for me, so I REALLY shouldn’t complain.  Afterwards, by mutual consent, Es and I shelved our leveling for the night in quest of ALL THE NERDPOINTS and went along with a couple guildies looking for some of the easysauce Northrend dungeon achievements.  After mutually comparing our [Glory of the Hero] links, I was determined to be not a factor in deciding where to go because I had exactly, well, none of the achievements.


So I didn’t do any dungeons – at all – when I was leveling.  Shoot me.

After gathering a couple hundred achievement points, I decided that I just hadn’t had enough, so I went off to manhandle a couple more on my own.  And I did.  LIKE A BOSS.

Okay, enough with the mocking.  If I hear another peep, I will send in my PENGUIN ARMY.  You don’t want to see them when they’re angry.  You won’t like them when they’re angry.

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5 Responses to In Which Kia Runs For The Finish Line

  1. Cynwise says:

    Be the tortoise! BE THE TORTISE! 🙂

    (Good luck!)

  2. indigodragyn says:

    I wanna finish my Glory of the Hero too! Me too! Me too!

  3. Rae says:

    Good luck to you, Kia. You know I have to root for my fellow huntress.

  4. Esmerellda says:


    But don’t worry, I’ll tell you what the surprise Pix has for the winner is!

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