In Which Kia Becomes Aged


So.  Just in case you were curious, finding all the Northrend Dungeon Elders?  SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Maybe it’s just cause I’m basically a Wrath baby (technically I started in BC, but it was only three months before Wrath dropped and it took me all of those three months just to find the bathrooms, as they say) and can run all the Wrath dungeons with my eyes closed and one hand stuffing potato chips in my mouth, but I think the major difference is that the  Wrath dungeons… they’re straight lines.  Generally big loops.  Only one way to go.  Really, really, really hard to get lost in them.  And when the guide says, “Hey, Elder So-and-So is in King Dred’s lair, yo,” I know PRECISELY where that is.  I can even estimate how many mobs I’m going to have to shoot down to get to him (about seventeen) (I just made that up) (it’s probably a pretty good guess).  So.  Northrend Elders.  Piece. Of. Cake.

So the only thing that was left was Omen!  The druid types in Moonglade wanted me to kill him, and I, being the extremely cooperative type that I am, acquiesced.  I dragged Jen along (she came willingly, I swear) and we grabbed a couple more guildies.  The conversation went much like this:

Jen (on her tanky pally):  Irv, are you wanting to tank or heals?

Irv: Tank – Mel is gonna heal.

Jen:  kk, brb on my rogue

Jen:  /toonhop

Kia:  /teleports to Moonglade, flies to Omen-stone

Kia:  /surveys Dead Omen on the Ground

Kia:  Huh.  Looks like it doesn’t matter who tanks.  /shares quest  /stands in moonbeam


This being my first holiday achievement on Azgalor, I felt it fitting to celebrate the achievement by killing an expansion-ending boss, just casually.  Unfortunately, on our last pull of the week, on the fifth platform, with just over 4 million health to go, Deathwing enraged and killed us all.  Well, they say that one’s reflexes are the first to go when one gets old like Kia has.  Or was that the vision?  I can’t remember.  Maybe it was the memory?

On a completely different and totally unrelated note, I made Achloryn his new transmog outfit yesterday.  Here he is in his smokin’ Eviscerator’s Battlegear, lovingly crafted by moi.  It only took 108 Heavy Borean, for which I ran laps around Sholazar Basin one-shotting everything that moved to my intense satisfaction, because I’m good like that.

I was rather impressed with myself and gave myself a nice little pat on my back.

One of these days, I swear I’m going to try out this whole “transmog” thing for myself.  Someday.  Well, maybe.  Eventually.   If I get around to it.  Hey, I did the bow, didn’t I?  What more do you want?



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