In Which Kia Explains The Sisterhood

I know lots of WoW folk who spend a great deal of time agonizing over what to name their toons.  I understand this mentality, I really do.  Names are important.  If they’re particularly bad (I’m looking at you xxxARthhuss_XX), you will be the target of much derision and mockery, possibly leading to angst-ridden emotional calls to psychiatrists, who will only join in the laughter and tell you to lrn2name, nub.

Kia’s Brain:  There has never been a psychiatrist who has ever said that.

Kia:  Just because you’ve never HEARD a psychiatrist say it doesn’t mean it’s never happened.  And if you keep talking to me like this, it’s entirely possible that one day we WILL hear it, and not in a good way, if you know what I’m saying.

Kia’s Brain:  If you think that’s going to stop me, you’re obviously delusional.

Kia:  That’s pretty much what I’m afraid of, yeah.

Kia’s Brain:  Moving on.

On the other hand, a particularly GOOD name can ring out like a clarion call into the chaos that is the World of Warcraft and can eventually garner you an entirely separate identity.  Anyone with even the smallest level of engagement with the WoW blogging community knows that if you have PvP questions, the go-to person is Cynwise, of course.  And if you were looking for a great little pub where you could have an excellent Dwarven Stout and cozy conversation, Larísa corner was the place to be.  (Hope you are enjoying your retirement, Larísa, you are still missed. <3) We take these names, most of whom we make up on the spot, some of which may actually MEAN something, and few of which are like unto that which people call us when they pick up the cell phone to check on dinner time, and through them give birth to an entirely new persona.

Now me, I’m a bit off.  Most people name their toons DIFFERENT names.  Like, radically different.  Achloryn tells me that the way he comes up with his toon names is to keep hitting the Random button on the loading screen until he sees something he likes.  This has resulted in my complete inability to remember ANY of his toons, other than his main, and that one I still have to think about because it’s not the name that everyone knows him as.  Our intrepid GM keeps naming her alts German things that nobody can pronounce, possibly because it makes her giggle madly when we attempt it.  I particularly like the one that means “I Don’t Know”.  Apparently when Krista rolled her, she couldn’t make up her mind what to call her and Jen was in a hurry to start leveling. >_>

Unlike these good folk and all of the rest of you out there… I really do not have this problem about picking a name, probably because my philosophy toward my toons is admittedly a bit strange.  I came up with Kialesse by looking down at the keyboard and picking a letter I particularly liked.  Then I added a vowel and another vowel and some more letters and went back and replaced the first vowel with yet ANOTHER vowel and then reversed the order of some of the letters and eventually… Kialesse was born.  Now, I am not an RP’er.  I’m rather curious about it, but I’ve never tried it and don’t know how to do it.  However, Kialesse is a very clear person in my head.  She has her likes and dislikes and even though she is resigned to her current career path in Marks, she really really misses going BIGANDRED with Jake.

So here’s where I start to veer left.

In my head, There Can Be Only One.

I’m not much of an altoholic, which is a strange phenomenon in my guild.  I swear we have like 400 toons in there and only three dozen players.  I DO have a couple on Azgalor and I had several on my first realm, Darkspeare.  I’ll reel off a couple, shall I?

On Azgalor:

  • Kiadrae, draenei BM hunter
  • Kiashami, draenei shaman

On Darkspeare:

  • Kialesse, nelf hunter (previous main)
  • Kiamarksi, draenei MM hunter (we’ll talk about the hunter thing LATER)
  • Kiaroga, nelf rogue
  • Kiaviva, dwarf SV hunter
  • Kialoki, gnome lock (one I had forgotten I had until just now when I went and looked)

And then there were the other random alts.  Like back in the day when everyone in the WoW community ran over to Argent Dawn and rolled toons to play with Single Abstract Noun?  (Is SAN even still around?  That was a WHILE ago.)  I did too, and rolled a Kia there.  At one point, SAN ran an event where like 25 people all rolled death knights at the same time.  I had never played a DK before because I think melee is for crazy people, but I thought, “Hey, fun!” and gave it a go.  That toon was Kiadikai.  Then Cynwise got that crazy brilliant idea about the Gnome Clones and I joined in the fun by rolling Lillikia, a lock, who is still sadly sitting at like 16 begging me to come finish her off because the idea of PvP scares the hell out of me.

Kia’s Brain:  Sweet Elune, woman, how you ramble on.

Kia:  I am giving context.

Kia’s Brain:  You are giving me a HEADACHE.  Proceed to the POINT.

The point is that I name all my toons the same way, i.e. Kia + some diminutive of the class ending in a vowel.  Hunters alts tend to get a bit tricky, and I usually resort to either their spec (Kiamarksi) or race (Kiadrae).

The reason for it is very simple.  They’re all the same person.  They are all Kialesse, who is simply trying out different occupations and who occasionally goes incognito as a dwarf or a gnome.  I was never able to divide any of Kia’s sisters from Kia herself (one reason I think I may not make a very good RP’er), so I stopped trying.  I suppose it probably makes me flat and one-dimensional and not terribly interesting, but if the point of playing WoW was to fascinate other people with your alt naming conventions, I would have stopped playing a LONG time ago, so I don’t particularly care.

Thus was born the Sisterhood of Kia, and when I sat down and decided to start blogging, there could be no other name for it.  I love hunters, but this isn’t a hunter blog.  I love nelfs and draenei, but this isn’t a lore blog.  I love my cat Jake, but this isn’t a pet blog, either.  Nor is it a collecting blog, a transmogging blog, or even a very bloggy blog.  I don’t actually know WHAT it is yet.  I’m hoping at some point someone will tell me that, as it will greatly relieve my mind.  However, it IS about Kia, and since I name all my toons Kia-SOMETHING, I won’t even have to change the name in the bizarre and unlikely occurrence that a lobotomy causes me to suddenly have the desire to roll a prot warrior.  Or even less likely, a MAGE.  Perish the though.  /shudder

Long live the Sisterhood!

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4 Responses to In Which Kia Explains The Sisterhood

  1. esmerellda says:

    But mages are for DIG! Everyone needs a mage!

  2. Cynwise says:

    It’s actually important to keep your characters straight in your head. I like the idea of having the same character in different incarnations; going incognito is one step further.

    And don’t sweat your gnome clone. I keep getting distracted with the blogs and need to finish leveling mine, too. 🙂

    • Kialesse says:

      That’s kind of how the hunter thing got started, because I am so in love with professions that I always thought it was silly to roll another class when I didn’t really want another CLASS, I wanted another PROFESSION. I didn’t want to play a shaman; I wanted to level an alchemist. In my mind, Kia just keeps learning all these different things, she’s just not allowed to keep them all in the same place. Fortunately she’s got identical sisters that look nothing like her to help.

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