In Which Kia Rolls With The Girls

Having finally vanquished the RL Project Boss that had been nerfing my play time into OMG THE LITERAL GROUND, I was so excited when I signed up to raid this week to discover that…

…there would be EIGHT females in our raid.


I know, right?

Some preconceived notions you might have that I am going to shatter right now:

  • Yes, there were 8 girls in our raid.  However.  The two guys (one being Raid Leading Boyfriend) did 85% of the talking on Vent.
  • No, there were no discussions of clothes.  Well, okay, not MANY discussions of clothes, and all the ones that happened were about transmogging.
  • Yes, we still killed bosses.  Six of them the first night and one the second.  So there, Stereotypes.  So there.

On the other hand, there were one or two Stereotypes that we did possibly conform to maybe just a LEETLE bit:

  • Yes, both the tanks were male.  I don’t know if the idea that “tanks are guys” is just because the majority of PLAYERS are guys or if it got started with the Significant Other Tank/Heals combination which has been previously analyzed much better than I ever could, but of the five-ish players in our guild that are main-spec tanks, they are all dudes.  Which is significant given the high percentage of chicks we have in SiB.
  • All of the ranged DPS were hunters.  Of the three of us, Kat and I are both female night elves.  ‘Nuff said.

While having nothing to do with gender whatsoever, our mostly-girl raid did provide me with possibly the funniest AFK moment I have ever heard.  We had been working on Madness most of the night, and were paused at the start of another pull when our third hunter pipes up over Vent:

Um.  My desk just fell apart.  I need duct tape.

I nearly fell off my chair.  Yes, this statement WAS indicative of the night.  That damn dragon lives on.

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1 Response to In Which Kia Rolls With The Girls

  1. ILikeBubbles says:

    I was a tank!

    Now I’m the other thing that a lot of women are not, which is melee DPS.

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