In Which Kia Watches American Football

Kia:  So it’s like a 10-man raid?

Kia’s Brain:  Well, 11 men, but sure, something like that.

Kia:  And you’re playing against, like, another 10-man raid?  There’s no boss?  No trash?

Kia’s Brain:  11 men.  And, well… something like that.

Kia: So then… it’s actually PvP.  Like Warsong Gulch.  I hate PvP with all the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

Kia’s Brain:  Yes, but there’s no death in football.  We hope.

Kia: Still.  So, the guy with the flag…

Kia’s Brain: … ball…

Kia:  Fine, the guy with the BALL tries to get to base…

Kia’s Brain:  …the endzone…

Kia:  Fine, the endzone, in order to score a point.

Kia’s Brain:  Six points.

Kia:  …six points.  Okay.  And the other team is trying to take the ball away and take it to their own base.

Kia’s Brain:  Endzone.  But that is essentially correct.

Kia:  Look, a yellow flag!  Someone threw it on the ground!  Pick it up and run, guys, you can score!

Kia’s Brain:  That is not the ball, that is a penalty marker.  It means someone did something wrong.

Kia:  What, like leaving the flag carrier alone?

Kia’s Brain:  BALL carrier, ball.  And no, more like unnecessary roughness or intentional grounding or holding or a false start.

Kia: Oh.  So, the one team carries the flag…

Kia’s Brain: …ball…

Kia:  …ball, until the other team stops them and then the other team gets to carry the flag.  I mean, ball.  And the flags are irrelevant to scoring.

Kia’s Brain:  Well, not irrelevant, but not helpful either.  Unless it’s thrown on the other team.

Kia:  Like a stunlock or a root or something like that.

Kia’s Brain:  Not even a little bit.  But close enough.

Kia:  Right.  So then, after four 15-minute games…

Kia’s Brain:  Oh my god, QUARTERS.  Four QUARTERS.

Kia:  Right, QUARTERS, after four QUARTERS, the team with the most flags wins?

Kia’s Brain:  /headdesk

Kia:  This isn’t really anything at all like Warsong Gulch.

Kia’s Brain:  I hate you so much.

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