In Which Kia Defends Herself

Kia’s Brain: See?  Told you it was a rotten idea.

Kia: It is hardly my fault that my laptop blew up two days after starting a blog.

Kia’s Brain:  I didn’t say anything about fault.  I was thinking more along the line of causality.

Kia: You think that me starting a blog caused my laptop to spontaneously stop working.

Kia’s Brain: Sure.  Sounds good to me.

Kia: And it didn’t have anything to do with the failure of the fan, causing the internal temperature of the machine to skyrocket, thus frying the inner workings?

Kia’s Brain: You are trying to circumvent my witty anecdotal reasoning with your cold, irrefutable logic.  That is criminal.  Stop that immediately.

Kia: I swear I haven’t put any kind of mind-numbing chemical into my body, so I am forced to ask.  What the HELL are you thinking?

Kia’s Brain: …

Kia: Right then.  Moving on.

Yes, my laptop really did die two days after setting up this blog.  I’m working on a loaner machine and brainstorming a plan to acquire a new one.  Mostly that plan currently stands at “get a job and obtain disposable income” but I am willing to adopt more radical steps, especially if they involve ninjas or exotic adult beverages.  Like coffee.  Mmmmm, coffee.  Especially the fancy girly coffee that has caramel and stuff in it.  Mmmm, caramel.

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