In Which Kia Gets In Over Her Head

Kia’s Brain:  This is a terrible, terrible idea.

Kia:  You say that about all my ideas.

Kia’s Brain:  Yes, but as terrible ideas go, and you have LOTS of them, this is one of the most terribad of terrible ideas you’ve ever had.

Kia:  It’s just a WoW blog.  There are thousands of them out there.  This is not a Revolutionary Idea in the slightest.

Kia’s Brain:  You said that about that incident with the moped too, remember?  And look where that got you.

Kia:  There was no permanent damage done.

Kia’s Brain:  You have scars…

Kia:  Not where anyone is going to notice.

Kia’s Brain:  Well, forget the moped.  What makes you think that anyone, ANYONE AT ALL, is going to want to read ANYTHING you have to say?

Kia:  Why in the world WOULDN’T they?  I’m attractive.  I’m clever.  I’m funny.  And I have an in with Amber from I Like Bubbles, and she’s even more attractive, cleverer, and funnier than I am.

Kia’s Brain:  Oh, so THAT’S how you’re gonna play it, is it?  Just ride on coattails until you get bored with fame and popularity, then throw it all away in a drunken fit of mad, rabid, possibly hormone-induced, raving and force people to mail you fliers and pamphlets for rehab clinics and therapists.  I see how it is.

Kia:  You’re an idiot.  It’s just a blog.  I’m going to write about all the joy and despair of playing lots of raiding hunters in World of Warcraft, about the hijinks that my guild gets into (Kat is up to 169 falling deaths, gogogogo Kat!), about the futility of trying to level non-hunter alts, and stuff like that.  There will also be lots of zombie references, because the zombie invasion is coming and WE ARE NOT PREPARED.  This isn’t rocket science.  It’s fun.  That’s the POINT of a blog.

Kia’s Brain:  …You’ll get bored.

Kia:  Maybe.  And maybe you can go to hell.

Kia’s Brain: …

Kia:  I’m just kidding.  You can stick around and help me correct my spelling and grammar.

Kia’s Brain:  I am starting to understand how Marvin feels.

Kia:  You’ll get over it eventually.

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