In Which Kia Procrastinates


I am moving across country NEXT WEDNESDAY. My car still needs its tires rotated. My bedroom is a disaster area. I have four loads of laundry to do. I still haven’t found my Social Security card. I still have a number of hours left on a project that I’m driving two hours to turn into my client SUNDAY AFTERNOON. I have not yet packed anything.

And yet, this is how I spent my time late last night:

In my defense, it WAS only two zones. But still. CLEARLY I fail at life. Shame on me.


/Kia out.

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2 Responses to In Which Kia Procrastinates

  1. red cow says:

    Good luck! Have fun! (Go get your stuff done!! :P)

  2. Sizzlelegs says:

    Grats on the achieves!

    Never do today what you can put off for tomorrow! (Especially if it is an achievement!)

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